Rogue Virus Warnings: A Sure Sign You Have Been Hacked

Rogue Virus Warnings

As we all know, It is all-important to be on your guard against hackers. There are many signs of hacking activity. Here is one of the most common ones you should look out for:

Fake Anti-Virus Messages

A fake message warning you about a virus is a pretty certain indicator of hacking - provided, of course, that you know it is fake. In order to recognise the fake warning, you need to know what a real virus warning message from your software looks like. The fake warning offers reassurance by saying it is there in your system to perform a scan to detect malware. It will not help if you click on No or Cancel to stop the scan, because your device has been compromised already. The goal of the fake virus message (which will always be sure to find a lot of viruses to be removed) is to entice you to buy their virus removal service, or similar product. If you go ahead and click on the link, you will most probably land on a website which looks very professional, and there you will be invited to purchase the product by giving your credit card details. Now not only does the hacker have total control over your system, but they have got hold of your personal financial details.

What to Do

As soon as you see the fake anti-virus message, switch off your computer. Make sure you reboot it in a safe mode (i.e. no networking), and see if you can uninstall the new software (which can quite often be uninstalled in the same way as a regular programme).

Then, whether or not you manage to uninstall the rogue programme, restore the system to the same condition it was before you were hacked. Years ago, this used to mean formatting the computer and reinstalling the whole operating system, in addition to all the data and programmes. However, nowadays, you can usually go back to the previous state with just a few clicks.

This should usually do the trick in getting rid of these pesky rogue messages and restoring the security of your device.

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