Recovering Computer Crash Data and Data Backup

Recovering Computer Crash Data and Data Backup

Before you lose your I-tunes, Microsoft Office, pictures, work, and other important files and computer data, make a hard drive backup! A backup is just a copy, so if you want a simple way to back-up your computer, simply copy your C-drive to a large enough external hard drive and do back-ups often. However, understanding other ways to back-up your computer can save you a lot of space.

When you have to recover lost data when you don’t have a back-up, there are several things you need to do.

Steps To Succeed In Recovering Your Data

Please follow these steps carefully and you will succeed in recovering your data.

Immediately turn off your computer

If your computer has an automatic defrag, and if that program defrags your crashed hard drive, none of the data will be recoverable.

Don’t use your Crashed Hard Drive

Do not use that hard drive for ANYTHING, because you may overwrite the files that you are attempting to recover. Don’t do a program install, or you could accidentally wipe your files from the hard drive. This includes resaving rescued data files. Save those files onto a separate hard drive, or you may overwrite the rest of the files you are trying to save.

Prevent Malware Caused Crashes

If the computer crash was caused by malware (not a damaged hard drive) then connecting your crashed hard drive to your friend’s computer might corrupt their hard drive as well. To play it safe, replace the old hard drive with a new one and use the same computer.

Important note: Secondary/External hard drives (what your hard drive will be when connected to external computer ports) are not vulnerable to automatic defrag software.

Slow Data Recovery Is Fine

Don’t hurry or you may make mistakes. Take the time to read up on how to recover data or you may lose all of it. The only time you need to hurry is in turning the computer off so that that your data doesn’t get overwritten or wiped.

When you are ready to try recovering your lost data, the best way to get your files back is to learn from what others have experienced. You will find tons of sites that will walk you step-by-step through your options and tell you what recovery software works the best and how to use the recovery software. Depending on how far you are willing to go for your important data, you should be able to recover any files that are still on your hard drive. You may have to pay an expensive data recovery service in order to save your lost files. You can also find sites telling you which data recovery service is the best and what kind of service you should get from them.

Don’t get discouraged while trying to recover your data, because it is definitely worth the work of retrieving your data. Most of all, you will learn from your mistake and always make back-ups of your computer in the future. A current computer back-up is the surest way to get back all of your lost information.

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