Push "Reset All Settings" Button on iCloud With Caution

"Reset All Settings" Button on iCloud

Although users of iOS 8 were assured by Apple that no data would be lost when they press the “Reset All Settings” button, that is exactly what seems to be happening. The complaints were first reported by users in MacRumors. One user in particular said she decided to reset the iCloud settings in her phone when she experienced some problems with the iPad only to have all her documents gone. When Apple was contacted, they could not explain it but tried to roll back the documents in iCloud to previous time.

When this problem was first reported, Apple dropped the iCloud service to allow the company deal with the claims that its “reset all settings” option in its iOS 8 was deleting iWork files. As a result, all the services associated with iCloud such as drive, mail, contacts, web apps and calendar, among others went offline for several users.

During the process, a bug was discovered, which deletes all the iWork documents of iCloud users when they hit the ‘Reset all settings’ button from an iPhone or iPad. The bug was also reported to delete all iWork documents stored from other Apple devices that were connected from the iCloud account.

iCloud was introduced by Apple for iOS 8 and can be used for iPad, iPhone and iPod. The iCloud offers users direct access to files, documents and media created and saved on the mobile device. The iCloud software is set to also feature in Mac operating system and Yosemite update. Because users can be able to access their files directly in the iCloud folder in the Mac Operating System. In that regard, iCloud works just like Dropbox and users can access the files from anywhere using the iOS.

It is strange that Apple does not provide a provision for backing up documents as part of a device backup and why the documents are not available in the users Mac locally so they can be rolled back via time machine or why iCloud does not contain a trash such as Dropbox. Certainly, users can do something about it.

The 'reset all settings' option in Apple’s iCloud is designed to just reset the device back to the factory default settings and not delete files. It is this claim that has irked the affected users.

This is not the only problem that has been faced by Apple. Recently, the giant Tech Company experienced a brute force attack on the iCloud accounts of celebrities which led to loss of personal photographs. Apple has also been forced to release critical updates to iOS 8 after problems were reported on the mobile operating system regarding TouchID authentication. So Apple is currently dealing with negative publicity of its security system.

Users are urged to be careful with their Apple’s iCloud accounts especially when they are resetting the settings. The problem might have been resolved but you never know when the bug will come back.

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