Proven Steps on Branding your Business through Blogging

Steps on Branding your Business through Blogging

I have spent the past 6 years focusing on this formula creating a complete course to walk you through the process from beginning to end, while also creating a supportive community in the process.

The following are proven steps on branding your business through blogging. I hope that you'll put to good use the knowledge which I will share.

  1. The Pre-Launch Planning: First of all, you have to answer these following questions: Why are you starting your blog? Is it for entertainment, or for money? If it’s both, how are you going to make money with your blog? After answering these questions, choose the niche that you will be writing about. To have a more laid out goal setting, plan out your blog’s direction over the next 12 months.
  2. Mastering Your Niche: Dissect your chosen niche down to its smallest component. After which, maximize your keyword tools to see what people would be searching for. Once you have worked this out, look for a mentor who is credible and capable of guiding you along the way; this has definitely a huge impact on your goals and specific objectives.
  3. Launching your Blog: Choose a domain name that fits your personality, brand and topic well. Afterwards, make sure that as you launch your blog, see to it that you are using a quality web host and Wordpress hand in hand. Install all the necessary themes and plug-ins to compliment your website. Lastly, setup Google Analytics in order for you to monitor your site’s traffic.
  4. Creating Your Blog Content: Always remember that as you are building your website, you are also educating people. Only create content that provides value and credibility on your brand. Utilize keyword search and niche topics to focus on content creation. Write detailed blog content that approximately has plus 1000 words which of course includes appealing images. Do not forget that you can attract people by not making lengthy texts, rather through effective pictures which show content in three seconds or less. Always observe and evaluate your competition’s content, and learn how to do it better.
  5. Establishing Your Brand: The secret is to look professional, and to be professional; create an expert looking logo for your site and then setup social networking links on your sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One important element is to also put up a mailing list through your blog to increase your following. Remember that you should always check up on who follows you because technically, they are your clients, who will make your website and business truly existing in the World Wide Web.
  6. Monetization: Check the monetization of your site by signing up with Google Adsense; after which, find affiliate programs that will match the target audience of your site. If applicable, sell direct advertising and reviews on your blog.
  7. Dominating your Niche: The best tip to be successful is to create your own product and by launching an affiliate program for your product. If you effectively establish yourself as an expert in your niche, you will have many followers in your field and business.

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