Protect Yourself Against Spam Virus

Protect Yourself Against Spam Virus

Tired of your email inbox being bombarded by unwanted spam messages? Today, over half the emails received are spam messages. Spam messages carry the spread of computer viruses through their attachments. In December 2003 President Bush signed the “Can Spam” bill. The bill was the first national standards against bulk unsolicited commercial emails. It was approved by the Senate to restrict senders from using false return email addresses to disguise their identity. The bill presides over the United States, but not other countries. Spam messages from outside the United States arrive in greater numbers and harder to fight. The Can Spam bill doesn’t protect you against other countries outside of North American laws and regulations.

How To Protect Yourself From Unwanted Spam And Virus Attacks?

Filter your email address on the internet for blogs and Web pages

The internet is filled with spam spiders and robots which scan for email addresses to send out their spam messages. Ohlone College offers online email encoder to encode your email address. JavaScript programs have been written to encode and convert your email address to its encoded value. By going to the site and entering your email address the JavaScript will encode your email address. After encoding, copy and paste the encoded email address to your Web pages, and blogs. Different online tools are available to encode your email address. While others have chosen to use illegal formats for their email address to prevent spam harvesting.

Install a spam blocking software for your email account

Invest in spam blocking software for your company. The software filters unwanted emails, viruses, keyloggers, and more from your inbox. The top spam blocking software for 2014 are SPAMfighter Pro, Cloudmark DesktopOne Pro, and MailWasher Pro 2010. Investing in spam blocking software helps control the unwanted messages and protects your computer against phishing attacks, and more.

Have multiple email accounts for subscribing to Web Sites on the Internet

Many companies offer free email accounts. Subscribe to a free email service and create a new online email address. Use the address for registering software, subscribing to newsletters, and special offers. Protect your business email address from robots on the Internet.

Never open attachments from someone you don’t know

Email attachments can contain virus', Trojans, malware, and key loggers that will infect your computer.

The top email virus this year

  1. Cryptolocker: The virus was first discovered in September 2013 that contains a Trojan horse ransomware that targets Microsoft Windows computers.
  2. Alureon or TDSS: The Trojan and bootkit steals data by intercepting your system’s network. The Trojan searches for your usernames, passwords, and credit card information.
  3. Zeus: The botnet toolkit creates malware on your system to collect your identity and steal your bank information.
  4. Win32/fakesvsdef: The virus poses as a program offering to scan your computer for hardware failures, memory issues, and hard drives. The program shows false problems on your system, then request payment to repair these problems.
  5. Zeroaccess: The rootkit spreads botnet on Windows operating system. The virus was first detected in 2009. The virus downloads other malware to the infected computer which forms botnet for Bitcoin mining and click fraud.

Separate your email into two categories

Today the problems with large amounts of spam messages being sent email providers have installed “bulk-mail baskets”. The emails are sorted by the email provider. Messages that have spam characters go into the bulk-mail or spam bin, the other emails go into your email inbox. When emails from unknown senders arrive in your inbox, move the message to your spam box. Later look in the spam box to decide if the messages are spam message or message you need. Empty the spam box, deleting all messages from your computer. Never open or read email messages from unknown senders

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