Protect Computer from Autorun Infections with BitDefender USB

Autorun Infections with BitDefender USB

Nowadays, portability is something that really matters in the world of computers. Users are opting for and getting an ever growing amount of portable devices, such as external hard drives or USB drives. Taking advantage of this fact, cyber criminals have been targeting these devices in order to spread infections, using Windows much appreciated "autorun" feature.

This feature is triggered when Windows detects a new drive plugged in and executes a file called autorun.ini that is stored inside the device. So, hackers use this file as a vector for transmitting malware, viruses and other infections. Most (paid) antivirus suites do provide the possibility to scan threats inside USB drives, but most free ones do not. If this is your case, then know that there is a solution: USB Immunizer, developed by BitDefender Labs.

USB Immunizer is a small software that just sits on the background unnoticed, but acts when a USB device is plugged in. The first and most important action is the blocking of the autorun process, which by itself helps you to keep your computer safe - if the autorun is not triggered, then there will not be an infection by this method.

However, another interesting and useful feature in this app is the immunization process: with it, your USB drive not gets "healed" (in case it is infected), but it also gets protected against future attempts of infection. USB Immunizer achieves this by "injecting a vaccine" to your device, this is, by replacing the original autorun file by another one, which actually becomes a folder instead of a single file. The key here is that this new autorun file cannot be modified.

This immunization process is not automatic by default, but there is the option to enable automatic immunization. Despite being available in many languages, you will not be able to change the USB Immunizer's language in the options, because it fetches the system's language automatically and sticks with it. Also, if you want to always have the app running on the background, be sure to add it to your Startup folder.

As one can see, this is an important tool to protect computers from USB-related infections, specially for people with antivirus suits without USB scanning. Since it is free to download, there is no excuse whatsoever to not use it.

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