Profile Optimization: How To Achieve More Sales?

Profile Optimization

Ever wondered, what makes a shopping website a huge success in today's competitive world? Of-course good quality products and better customer service are the obvious roads to success but we should not forget that their lies a gateway through which the customers comes to know about a brand and its purpose.

Website, that a brand created for itself plays the role of a portal for all of us. After all, that's is what eCommerce is all about.

The Concept Of E-commerce

The concept of E-commerce was coined to make people's life easier. The idea was to allow them to purchase a product at the comfort of their home and that is why whenever a customer has an urge to buy something the first thing he does is visiting the website of all popular e-Commerce brands he has heard about. A company's website should be created in a user friendly manner. A customer must find it easy to search out products and for their convenience each product must be assigned with a unique product code and a proper name, that should be kept as short as possible because smaller the name, easier it gets for customer to remember. On the other hand product codes play the role of a unique identity through which you can easily search the product you mean to buy.

After the job is done, next comes the work of providing customer a proper product image. We shouldn't forget, the customer is spending his cash on something he has not got a chance to see. Providing an image of size, 500*500 pixels allows him to have a better glance of the product.

The product description must be kept as short as possible, keeping in mind you provide all necessary detail in it. The description must be written over a white background as it makes the readability much easier and the word limit must be maintained within 200 words, not more.

A customer mostly relies on the opinion of other customers before coming to a final decision of buying something. Make sure you have a different column created for such customers to see the previous reviews on the product. Following such method not only wins their trust but also encourages them to provide their own feedback as well, which would only add to your own benefit.

Finally, provide customer more than one source through which he can reach back to you in future regarding any query. Provide both your customer care number and a proper email id.

If, you really want to rule this new world, you need to follow these rules in particular for better results.

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