Preventing Data Loss in 5 Easy Ways

5 ways to prevent data loss

If your work is related to storing data and other files, you must have lost important files at least once. The truth is, sometimes we forget to take precautionary measures to protect these important records.

But this should not be the case because not only data would be lost, you might also lose the trust of your boss or worst, you can lose your job.

Do not wait for it to happen. Follow this!

Helpful Steps So That You Can Prevent Data Loss

1. Store Your Files on a Backup CD or DVD

Invest on CDs and DVDs so that you can save your backup files on them. Make sure that all files are saved on your backup storage. Save the files after every file folder has been completed or more often than that if possible. Online backup storage is now also available for those who are more comfortable in storing data online.

2. Install a Dependable Antivirus on Your Personal Computer or Laptop

This would be specially helpful if you are using the Internet frequently. Virus affects the hard disk drive of your computer which can lead to data loss. When you have an updated and dependable antivirus, you are assured that your system is protected from viruses.

3. Zip all Your Important Files

Make sure that all your significant files are zipped in one folder. It is because folders that are compressed are less prone to viruses. Just make sure that you scan the folders prior to creating zip files.

4. Turn off Your Computer Properly and Work in a Dry Environment

It has been known that improper shutting down of computer can make you lose important files. Therefore, it is important that you shut down your computer or laptop properly.

If you are sharing your computer with a family member or friend, instruct him or her as well to shut down the system properly.

In case of unexpected power outage, you should prepare any type of automated power backup device. UPS would be best for personal computers.

Humid working environment can possibly damage your hard disk so it is better if you keep your working station dry. Extreme climates are also not appropriate for electronic gadgets. The best that you can do is to keep the temperature moderate and humid.

5. Watch Out for Email Attachments

Do not open attachments with unknown source. These can contain viruses which can damage your system and can lead to data loss. These attachments are usually promotional files; do not open them unless sent by a friend or by someone you know.

Do not forget to quit and save files prior to shutting down your computer. Make sure that you scan all external storage devices before using them.

In the event that you still lost important files after sticking to the abovementioned steps, you should have backup software that specializes in recovering data. You can find many of them online. Just make sure to choose the legit ones. Online research can lead you to the right software for you.

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