Prevent Data Loss: How To Use Backups?

Prevent Data Loss
  • Have you backed up your computers recently?
  • Do you have multiple copies of your data?
  • Have you stored your backups in more than one location?

When a company experiences data loss, it happens for only one reason. Data loss is human error and bad planning. Prevent data loss by setting up a data backup plan. Daily backups of your important data are critical for your company. Today, fewer companies’ experience data loss, but this is not the case for personal data loss. No matter if the data is for your business or personal use, data backups are critical. Without a backup, when your hard drive crashes, there is no way to restore your data.

Reasons For Data Loss

  1. Human error: Human error is the number one reason for data loss. Your company IT department is responsible for backing up your servers, and important data daily. Placing the responsibility of backing up your data on one person is bad company judgment. Design a disaster recovery and data backup plan for your company. In the plan, outline procedure for backing up your company’s data. Once a year, review your procedure for backing up that critical data. Secure your important data in multiple backups off-site and online.
  2. Lack of resources: Lack of money is the second reason for data loss. Large corporations invest in data backup and off-site backup of their important data. Inside the company, the automated system backs up to disk. The second disk backup takes place off-site at a data center. The data center is responsible for backing up your data to tapes and storing them in a fireproof vault. But what happens if your company doesn’t have the funds available to backup your data off-site and create tape backups? Your business risks the change of total data loss for lack of funds. Data backup for a small company is expensive and there are often no funds in the budget. Small to medium size companies rely on their IT staff to backup their data daily. Without a strong budget and proper backup, your company risks closure and total data loss.
  3. Lack of planning: Company’s need a disaster recovery plan before disaster strikes. Lack of planning can absolutely lead to total data loss for your company. Only making one backup copy of your important data and storing it on-site, is poor planning. Backing up servers, workstations, and other data storage devices take time. Planning for daily backups and scheduling, requires careful planning from your IT department. Trusting your company data to your IT department without overseeing the department, is poor judgment on your part. Check with your IT department regularly to ensure they follow the disaster recovery plan created for your company.

Preventing Data Loss

Today, with the rapid growth of high-speed lines and the Internet, no company should ever experience data loss. Data storage companies offer secure data transfer to their off-site locations using high-speed lines and encrypted data. Even companies with limited funds can afford data backup. The next step in securing your data is finding a reputable company for your backup needs. Secure your company’s data with remote online backups. The Data Storage Company, for example, automates your backup and your company saves money instead of hiring an IT technician for this job. By hiring a Data Storage Company, you no longer risk data loss from human error. Your data will always be available to you and can be restored easily to your servers from it's data storage center.

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