Prevent Data Loss Using Different Drives

Prevent Data Loss Using Different Drives

Although data loss affects all computer users, it is a particular problem for those of us who use word processing software. It is the most frustrating thing in the world to lose documents of importance which you have spent a lot of time in creating, especially if you are the same as most computer users and create documents straight onto the computer, with no handwritten copy. Once you have lost files, the damage is done - the only failsafe way to recover them is to restore them from a backup. That is why is is vital to have a data loss system in place.

The Best Ways to Prevent Data Loss

One of the best ways to prevent data loss is by never storing your documents on the same drive as your operating system. Most word processors save your files in the My Documents folder, but this is the worst place that they can be. Whether it is caused by a software failure or a virus, most computer problems affect the operating system and quite often the only solution is to reformat the drive and install the whole system. However in the process all the data in the drive will be lost.

The best relatively low-cost way to prevent this problem is to install a second hard-drive in your computer. This second hard drive will not be affected if the operating system is corrupted. They are easy to set up and can even be installed on another computer.

If you don't want to install another hard drive, you can get an external hard-drive instead, as the best alternative. It can be attached to any computer on any occasion by simply plugging it it to a firewire port or USB. Many external hard-drive also come with the advantage of scheduled and/or one-touch back-ups All you have to do is specify the folders and the software does it all for you. A good one to get is Maxtor's external 200 GB hard-drive, which is not only easy to use but has ample capacity.

If this is not an option, save your files instead onto floppy disks which are clearly labelled. However be aware of the drawback to this, which is that manufacturers are increasingly producing new computers which do not have floppy disk drives, so you may have trouble in future in retrieving data from floppies.

It also makes sense to have a second back up, since CDs also get scratched, floppies get erased, hard drives break etc. (and if the data is really important, keep it in another place entirely).

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