Oracle Amazes with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Oracle Amazes with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Data protection is one of the most fundamental issues of most enterprises. Now, Oracle has announced its new zero data loss recovery appliance that will help businesses not to lose data and ensure that business functions are interfered with.

According to Oracle Chief Technology Officer and Executive Chairman Larry Ellison, Oracle is presenting the first Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, a system that is specifically designed to offer Oracle Database protection. This will ensure that the system delivers supreme data protection, scalability and efficiency. This is the first ever appliance that guarantees zero data loss protection for important databases. So businesses will be rest assured that their data will be safe. The solution also ensures that organizations are not going to lose data generated since the last backup.

Another thing that the Oracle Recovery Appliance does is that it dramatically reduces the extent to which networks and production servers are affected by backup. In addition, cloud-based architecture allows a single data loss recovery appliance to manage thousands of databases data protection needs. Thus, it reduces costs and complexity associated with managing hundreds or thousands of databases.

The reason why this application is going to be received very well is because the existing data protection solutions simply do not meet the present demands of critical databases. Instead of treating files as transactional systems with specific data performance, integrity and availability requirements, it treats it as simply files to copy. It is because of this that there are many complaints of data loss and end users are affected by the complexity of managing the databases. This is the challenge that Oracle Zero Data Recovery Appliance solves.

The Major Functions Of Oracle Zero Data Recovery Appliance

  • It Eliminates data loss: with Oracle Zero Data Recovery Appliances, users can be assured that they are not going to lose their data even for the most recent transaction because the appliance provides real time protection. Therefore, databases can be restored without loss of dat.
  • Eliminates production impact: sometimes, the impact of backup of database can impact the production of database because of the input/output traffic as well as networking load. The appliance offloads expensive backup processing.
  • Restore to any point in time: users can choose any desired point in time in which the database changes can be referred to and used to create copies of the database-stored files.
  • Protects data from disasters: this appliance minimizes the risk associated with disasters, which leads to business functions outages through Oracle based database backup cloud service.
  • Reduces data management costs and complexity: the appliance can store database backup files to cheap tape storage and offload production database servers. 
  • Improved efficiency: a single Oracle Data Recovery Appliance can serve thousands of databases and offer protections and easy management via data center. One can also expand the capacity of the cloud, depending on space requirements.

The Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance has revolutionized the way business protect their data and ensure business functions availability at the most cost effective manner.

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