Office 365 Ready to Fight Data Loss

Office 365

In this modern age, information and data is available online and the biggest concern of firms is data security. Office 365 is a subscription plan which consists of office utilities, exchange services, cloud applications, OneDrive storage and Skype for business communication. Now, Office 365 is ready to enter the second phase of its Data Loss Prevention plan.

The technical teams of Microsoft are incorporating the DLP techniques in its cloud services like OneDrive and SharePoint Online, which will help the consumers of Office 365 to avert the leakage of their important data. In the first phase of the DLP plan, users were allowed to gather the data of their SharePoint and OneDrive and search for confidential details while protecting the data manually. The second phase will consist of new security features and their beta preview will also be available to the organizations for testing at the end of this quarter.

Features of the New DLP Capabilities

The features of the updated DLP capabilities will allow the users to create preemptive strategies to prevent data leakage violations and the users will be able to get a notification as soon as they will start violating the policies pertaining to the confidential data as per the statement of Mr. Shobhit Sahay, who is the technical product manager for the project.

The new DLP capabilities will be same like the ones offered with Exchange 2013, i.e., document scanning with the help of fingerprints and warning alerts when a user is doing some action while handling data which is against the security policy set by the company.

Upcoming Preview of the Office 365

A beta version of the new DLP project will be available to the users for testing purposes that will allow the users to set up different actions that can be triggered in case of any suspicious activity while accessing OneDrive and SharePoint cloud services. As per the past practice, all these new features will be available to the users by the help of Compliance Center of the utility.

According to Sahay, the main game changer in the DLP is the end user. If the users are aware of how to use the features offered by the utility then there are rare chances of any data loss when working on sensitive data. The new DLP will also allow the administrators to create different rules which can be overruled if the system is given a business justification against any particular action.

Future Plan of DLP Capabilities

There are rumors that after the implementation of second phase of DLP capabilities, Microsoft is in the development of another update for DLP capabilities that will provide policy exclusions on the basis of different conditions and location of the company. The newer version of Microsoft Office will also contain these DLP functions in its basic tools like Word, PowerPoint and MS-Excel.

The introduction of these DLP functions will allow the users to carefully work on the data which contains sensitive and confidential information while working on the daily use applications. As for now, the famous Office 365 is ready to fight any sort of data loss.

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