Nokia Maps To Appear On Samsung Phones

Nokia Maps To Appear On Samsung Phones

Nokia’s popular map service is set to appear on Samsung’s latest smartphones, it was announced recently. A deal brokered between the two tech giants will see a beta or test version for Nokia’s ‘Here’ maps, an Android application, included free on the Gear S Smartwatch (pictured) and additionally on handsets. Of course, Microsoft did purchase Nokia’s phone-making arm which is responsible for producing ‘devices and services’ back in 2013, but at the time it did not buy the maps division.

Google currently oversees Android and experts reckon that this latest move by Samsung will provide a way for the company to be seen as a separate entity. ‘Here’ of course was previously known as, Nokia Maps. The application is also used by Garmin, Amazon and Yahoo as well as providing mapping data for Bing, Microsoft’s own search engine.

The popular map service extends its range across 190 countries and provides a wealth of information for users including; tourist information and public transport service details as well as more in-depth navigation assistance. Users can also download the maps onto a device in order that they can be used offline too. As such, the service is extremely popular with holidaymakers and business people who travel abroad during the course of their work.

A special version of Nokia’s mapping service is undergoing preparation for incorporation into Samsung’s Gear S Smartwatch and when it’s released the application will have the snappy new moniker, ‘Here for Gear’. The new navigation system will be optimised to make it suitable for use on the relatively small display screen on the wrist-worn device, although just how practical this will be remains to be seen.

Nokia Maps is only one of several applications that Samsung are adapting in order to achieve independence from Google, although this strategy will have some potentially costly disadvantages; as far as end users are concerned, the number of duplicated apps that could potentially appear could be a frustrating and confusing experience.

Of course, any competition is healthy competition and at the end of the day it will be the users who decide by voting with their feet and deciding which of the options available to them is the best and works most effectively in practice.

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