New to Facebook? 5 Privacy Tips

New to Facebook? 5 Privacy Tips

Who Can See Your Posts?

When you share each post, you can choose who can see it – Public, Friends or Only Me. If you choose Public, anyone can see it (without even logging into Facebook). You can also set your default setting as Friends in your Account Settings page. Limit Past Posts lets you change the settings of your past Facebook posts.

Who Can Send Me Friend Requests?

The options available are anyone, friends of friends or none. The default choice is anyone. You also have the option of allowing followers. Followers are people who are able to get your Public posts in their News Feed without being your friends.

Active Sessions

Active Session include Facebook sessions that haven’t been logged out. It also helps to check the presence of malicious activity in your account. For instance, if your account has been hacked by someone, there is a chance that you might see some other active sessions apart from your present session and you have an option to end those sessions.

Unknown Password Change

Changing your password frequently is a good habit. But if your account password has been changed without your knowledge, you have a recovery option in Facebook. Even after changing your password, Facebook remembers your previous password for few days. If you try to login with your old password, it will show that “You seem to be using your old password. Your password was changed at …. (Date and time)”. You can then notify your unawareness and choose to reset your password.


When you tag your friends in a Facebook post, the posts can be seen by friends of those who are tagged. So be careful while tagging, because people those who are not in your friends list can also see your post if they are in the friends list of those tagged. Avoid tagging if you don’t want many people to see your post.

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