New Innovations in Facial Recognition, Software To Aid And Law

Facial Recognition

The new facial recognition software strikes fear among citizens across the world, while law enforcement and business leaders tout the advantages. Many people in the private sector are voicing concerns about invasion of privacy. Law enforcement officials are excited over the prospects of apprehending dangerous felons with the aid of advanced facial recognition software. Business leaders believe that the advanced facial recognition software will lead to improved data security measures.

The original program was designed by Lockheed Martin; however, the new software program is designed by MorphoTrust, a company located in Michigan.

Privacy advocates are requesting that Attorney General Eric Holder evaluate the FBI’s advanced facial recognition software that became totally functional in September 2014. The privacy supporters complain to the Justice Department that the new software poses a threat to an individual’s right to privacy. The group feels that the software could be used to identify and track ordinary citizens not suspected of crimes. The American Civil Liberties Union accompanied by the Electronic Frontier Foundation are speaking against the new software. The advocacy groups are concerned that the advanced facial recognition system, known as the Next Generation Identification Program, has not undergone privacy assessment. The previous software was last tested in 2008.

The FBI anticipates the system to soon contain approximately 51 million photographs. Law enforcement leaders estimate that the system will generate up to 55,000 searches per day. Police will soon have the ability to check fingerprints or facial identification during routine traffic stops to apprehend fugitives that may have eluded identification in the past. The FBI will be able to identify criminals from sidewalk and other video feeds. Photos from job background checks will also be loaded into the system.

Businesses may use facial recognition software to identify individuals in unauthorized sections of buildings, for computer access to important company data and to protect employees. The advanced software will assist casinos in risk management to stop unwanted guests at the door. Airports and other transportation stations will be able to identify possible terrorists, drug smugglers and other criminals to halt suspects from boarding planes, trains, subways and taxis.

The software will support retail businesses to reduce shoplifting and lawsuits.

*Photo courtesy of FBI Launches Powerful Facial Recognition System by Viigoss at Flickr’s Creative Commons

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