Network Protection 101: How to Protect Small Business From Spyware

Network Protection 101

Nowadays, many small business owners have fallen victim to targeted cyber attacks because they haven’t protected their company’s network. All small businesses make the perfect target for criminals to install malware and spyware on their networks or even breach their network security. When a cyber criminal breaches a small business owner’s network it is costly to the owner.

Therefore, every small business owner needs to invest in a business antivirus software package to protect their servers, Macs, PCs, and mobile devices. Business antivirus software protects your company’s network from intrusions like malware, spyware, theft, and data loss.

Precaution Your Business Should Take

  1. Monitor Downloads: Create a list of acceptable downloads your employees can install on their computers, smart phones or tablets. Once a month check these devices for unauthorized software. Furthermore, ensure all devices have the latest security patches and updates installed.
  2. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA): Before your employees download software, it is critical you read the EULA legal agreement. This ensures the safety of your data and network from malware, viruses, spyware, and cyber attacks.
  3. Email Procedures: Write a list of procedures for your employees to follow when opening suspicious emails and attachments. Furthermore, if you believe an email is important, but you’re concerned about the attachment, open it in a sandbox.
  4. Test all Software in a Sandbox: Before installing apps or software on your network, test the programs first in a sandbox. This protects your network from suspicious malware or spyware being installed.

Top Rated Small Business Antivirus Packages

  1. Bitdefender Small Business Pack: Depending on the size of your network Bitdefender offer packages of 5, 10, and 20 licenses. This antivirus software will protect all your Macs, Androids, and PCs on your network. For all network servers use the Bitdenfender’s cloud based version.
  2. Kaspersky Small Office Security: This package has 25 licenses for your PCs and Android devices, plus 3 licenses for your network file servers. Unfortunately, the software can’t protect any Mac or Linux devices.
  3. G Data Antivirus Business: This antivirus software package is excellent for guarding your network, PCs, Linux-based clients, and Android devices against malware attacks.

In Conclusion

All small business owners need to protect their company from malware, spyware, and cyber attacks. Give each of your employees a list of software they can download to their desktop, smart phones, Macs, and Android devices. If one of your employees has received a suspicious email, open the email using a sandbox. It is important to use antivirus software on your network and all devices attached to your network.

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