Network Monitoring System for Instant Reporting

Network Monitoring System

The computer network is a complex system and faults do pop up in spite of best design and equipment. The human error needs to be monitored online to rectify the problem immediately. Important links to ISPs or critical servers, security equipments need to be monitored and reported immediately for quick action.

A very simple set of shell scripts or php code provides the reliable and immediate fault detection and reporting by SMS or email.

The Principle Of The System

  1. Look for the link status periodically, say every 10 sec or 30 sec.
  2. If link is up goto next observation point.
  3. If the link was found to be disconnected wait for next observation at same point after 10 sec and if there is five such continuous link down observations. send an email/SMS to all concerned and broadcast voice message in the control room.
  4. The concerned team will investigate the fault and take necessary action to rectify the fault to bring the link up.
  5. As soon as the link goes up an email/SMS is sent by the system to all concerned.
  6. The downtime is recorded for each occurrence of fault and weekly/monthly/yearly reports is generated and emailed to all concerns.

It has been observed that the faults get rectified within minutes when such system is in place as compared to hours and days of downtime. The system is a boon for the network administrators in every kind of organization and even in very complex network designs. For more technical details and any other information, please contact the author.

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