NASA's Huge Migration Creates Strong Case for Cloud

Strong Case for Cloud

Cloud Computing has been powerful in changing the way industries and big companies are being operated over the last few years. Cloud plays a significant role for making small and large businesses move their infrastructure, which in turn leads to their successful technology and business projects. Recently, government agency NASA has turned its attention to cloud and has begun to migrate over to cloud infrastructure.

NASA has just completed the migration of 65 software applications along with its government website (NASA.gov) within a short span of 22 weeks. NASA has roped in the help of Amazon web services to accomplish this feat. The government agency will at least save about 20% of infrastructure cost as a result of this migration and will be able to provide faster and better IT services through this migration. The space agency project is one of the major government agency deployments on Amazon's cloud.

During the process of shifting applications to the Cloud on such a big scale, NASA would have definitely had some challenges to be faced. NASA initiated this project with their primary goal that enables code sharing, code reuse and disaster recovery. This huge migration to the AWS Cloud was highly essential, as NASA could not pay for to keep its infrastructure on hold during the process. Many of the applications in NASA were outdated.

When you visit NASA.gov today, you will be able to see up to the minute data. This is because, NASA can now update their data on their websites in under two minutes using cloud, whereas previously, it took about 20 minutes for the same data loading process. Moving to cloud make them better in every way and it reduces cost while ensuring safety of data.

Using Amazon cloud services, NASA moved their software applications, saving money and gaining more efficiency. What will your organization do?

* Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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