Mobile Device Management vs. Mobile Application Management

Mobile Device Management & Application Management

The terms “Mobile device management” and “Mobile application management” are used very often in tech world and their functionality may seem to overlap. These technologies hold significant importance when it comes to ensuring safe and secure enterprise use of mobile phones and tablets. However, there are significant differences between the two and it is vital to understand the key differences between these. Because of their different use cases, vendors may also combine the diverse features of these two technologies. It is so as to create a single product which incorporates the powerful features of both the technologies.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)


It incorporates the use of a “Full Device” technology so as to secure and safeguard smart phones or tablets. It controls the device by making an access possible to device only through pass code. It also performs real-time monitoring, inventory control and reporting. Its main feature highlight is to safeguard sensitive data or information by remotely erasing the entire data of a lost or stolen device. It, therefore, takes cares of basic security processes and controls.


It is a cumbersome task for a user to enter work password every time to gain an access to his phone or tablet. It also might not be a very feasible option for a person whose personal data is at risk of being wiped in case he loses his device. In such a case, his IT department will be remotely erasing all the data on his device which may include his holiday pictures and much more. It is also very expensive to implement MDM security and still then it doesn’t cover protection against every type of data leak.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)


The highlight of MAM is that it provides specific and more granule controls. It is capable of directing IT in managing only those apps that have been specifically designed to work with a MAM product. It also helps IT in deploying apps so as to ensure minimal corporate data sharing among apps. Whenever required, it restricts an access or wipes off only the corporate data without affecting user’s personal data. MAM tools help enterprises in unlocking the full potential of smart phones and tablets. By deploying MAM, more real work is possible on mobile devices. Also, all MAM products offer numerous blacklisting and white listing features.


The major flip side of MAM is that it requires unique coding for every MAM product to be worked with. Therefore, the availability of apps for a particular product is rendered limited.

We may, therefore, conclude that MDM is more of a basic security play while MAM is more about enabling safe and approved apps to be downloaded by the admin.

The striking feature of both the technologies is the integration of MDM tools along with MAM. The integration helps in the automatic deployment and updating of various mobile apps. Besides, it provides amazing mobile document management features. One of the many uses where the integration has been widely adopted is building and maintenance of “Enterprise App Stores”. Under this arrangement, enterprise app stores make available corporate apps not found in public app stores. That is, it offers vendors numerous options for software downloading by giving IT the authority to limit users’ options.

Last Word:

It is, therefore, not important to rate two technologies but to choose one depending upon the needs of an organization. The needs may vary widely depending upon the objectives such as safety and security requirements, compliance issues, etc.

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