Mobile App Development Borrows from Car Industry

Mobile App Development Borrows from Car Industry

The New York Times reports that companies are turning to gamification to hook customers and drive sales. The next step in the app-building revolution aims for efficiency, much like Ford's assembly line - but for apps. Sure, you could design, build and launch your own mobile app, but why inflict misery on yourself when Proto.io can make it easier and faster, and best of all-effortless.

Imagine getting world-class mobile apps, mobile websites and web apps, create stunning interactive mobile prototypes and get a real app experience - all right from the prototyping stage and without the hassles of writing code.


That's the whole idea behind Proto.io, an innovative mobile prototyping tool for building sophisticated fully interactive app prototype. Proto.io is a new IU prototyping tool specifically designed for building sophisticated and fully functional mobile applications, its web-based platform allows users to create a project for popular mobile device like iPhone, iPad, Android-powered smartphones and as well as any handheld devices. The best thing about Proto.io is that it only takes a minute to create a fully functional, interactive prototype-all without a line of code. This is mobile prototyping-the next level.

Proto.io makes a good first impression, with its user-friendly UI and plenty of great features to get you started, you can start a project by going straight to high-fidelity prototypes with those ready-made mobile UI components or you can import your own designs. Using Proto.io, users can express and visualize their ideas and even bring it closer to reality.

The word "easy" is usually not found anywhere near the term "animation" in a sentence describing interactive animation and for good reason-creating or applying animation to apps has become a specialized task which requires a highly sophisticated software and huge learning process. Proto.io is an attempt to let designers shorten the path from ideas to prototyping. Proto.io support all the major mobile gestures and touch events, users are not limited to a single "link" transition, instead users can apply any animated screens transitions like slide, they can also apply basic animations to any UI element from the prototyping like rotate and scale - it's a dream tool for UI designers. We can do anything in Proto.io; you can experiment in different interactions, transitions, gestures and touch events in just a few minutes. It's certainly possible to whip up some tasty good looking web apps and mobile websites with Proto.io, you get all you need, and you get the real app experience right from the prototyping stage - you can express and visualize your ideas, brainstorm - What's in your mind.

Proto.io is probably one of the best prototyping tool in the market, it's definitely the only tool that can best simulate and test a realistic representation of mobile websites or mobile apps - how real mobile apps look, behave, and interact.

Image Courtesy of Developmental Tools

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