Microsoft to Bring Cortana to Android and iOS?

Microsoft to Bring Cortana to Android and iOS

It seems that personal assistants are in high demand in our smartphones. After Apple presenting Siri and Google presenting Now (which work differently), recently Microsoft has presented Cortana, a personal assistant to ship with Windows Phone 8.1. However, even though Cortana is still not widely available in the market, it seems that Microsoft has plans to introduce it to other mobile operating systems.

From what could be seen so far, Cortana is one of the best personal assistants in the market, even surpassing its most fierce competitors. And this is taken from Cortana's initial stages of development, so it is to be expected that future versions will be even better. This is the response by Microsoft to a market niche that is getting major importance to users, assuring that many of the processes we carry out on smartphones are done orally.

So far, each platform has its own personal assistant, without major plans to bring them to other operating systems. Google did try to port Now to iOS, but it was mostly a failure. However, according to a conversation had by several Microsoft employees and the public during a Keynote in the SMX Conference, held in Seattle, the company is not putting aside the possibility of bring Cortana to the other mobile operating systems, integrating it in a similar fashion as it is in Windows Phone.

Microsoft has been betting a lot in Cortana, even making it a flagship for the new Windows 8.1. It is much likely that Cortana will not be bound to this operating system, but ported to Windows itself as well, improving the usability of desktop and tablet systems. Microsoft's idea to bring Cortana to competing mobile systems is actually great, because it can improve the company's share of the market, even (who knows?) giving it a dominant position.

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