Microsoft Joins the NoSQL Market With Two New Azure Cloud Services

NoSQL Market With Two New Azure Cloud Services

Joining into the growing NoSQL market, Microsoft is making available previews on August 21 two new Azure cloud services - a NoSQL database service and a full-text search service.

Redmond-based Microsoft Corp. has officially unveiled Azure DocumentDB NoSQL, the latest iteration of its Azure cloud platform. Azure DocumentDB service, which now in preview, is the first NoSQL-styled document database from Microsoft. It was built by Microsoft in response to user call for a fully managed database that provided query and transactional capabilities at scale.

Designed to bridge NoSQL’s document database functionality with the transactional capabilities of relational databases, DocumentDB natively supports JSON documents and makes available programming libraries for a number of languages and platforms, including .Net and many more. In addition, the new service also offers query processing and transaction semantics, two features usually found in relational database systems.

Azure DocumentDB service is well suited for small companies or startups that need a back-end database for storing data on a mobile or web application. It’s the right solution when addressing key technical issues like latency and flexible query.

DocumentDB will feature key database technology, like the lock-free indexing technology developed by Microsoft Research and used in “hekaton”, an in-memory database technology in Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Developing with DocumentDB is simple and fast, and does not require customization or any extensions to Javascript or JSON.

The new Azure Search service uses the open source Elasticsearch distributed search technology as its underlying search engine, it will also make available some of the Elasticsearch great features but still remain a Microsoft-managed service.

Microsoft officials said that the new Azure Search service will allows developers to quickly integrate search into their new and even existing applications that are usable from any platform or development environment.

In addition, Microsoft also announced Apache HBase clustering support for Azure HDInsight (Hadoop on Azure) starting today, August 21. Microsoft is not taking Azure DocumentDB open source, but the company has announced plan to submit the client-library software development kits for the open source community.

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