Microsoft Windows 10 Unleashed

Microsoft Windows 10 Unleashed

Microsoft is all set to release its most promising and comprehensive operating system Windows 10. The technical preview unveiled recently is scheduled to be launched in 2015. With a greater focus on enterprise and desktop/laptop features, this version aims at addressing user interface, start menu and virtual desktop problems encountered in the previous version. This version is being built for a mobile and the Cloud driven world.

New Windows 10 Features

As written by Terry Myerson on his Windows blog, it offers new experiences for customers (both consumers and enterprises) to work, connect and play. Further is a lowdown of new Windows 10 features Jim Alkove and Terry Myerson state:

  • The latest operating system offers a flexible user interface with a better touch, mouse, keyboard and gesture support. It will be easy to run this operating system on a variety of devices like servers, smarts TVs.
  • Being built with a special emphasis on the needs of enterprise users, it incorporates enterprise-level security, safety and protection features. It provides better and modern experiences to meet the digital needs of customers.
  • It provides a universal application for developers. Anyone building a game or a business application gets only one way to write an app.
  • It enhances security to a greater level by enabling IT administrators to create user identities for any kind of work. This system takes into measure all the security factors and eliminates the need for any extra security peripherals.
  • It also offers a unified store for all the applications to be purchased and updated across a range of devices. It enables bulk app purchases and flexible distribution of application. The ability to reclaim and re-use licenses is also facilitated. The highlight is the option for users to create a tailor made app store with their preferred choices of apps along with enterprise-owned app. The users are, therefore, exposed to employee store experience.
  • It is built on BitLocker device-level encryption and thus, provides an additional layer of protection. It is made success by using containers and data separation respectively at the application and file levels.
  • It protects security breaches to such an extent that in case of any data movement from a device to email or the Cloud, same level of protection is maintained. The corporate data thus remains secured without user having to do anything.

If the above features fascinate you, you may wish to sign for a unique Windows Insider Program and download the technical preview of Windows 10. The special program offered by Microsoft gives Windows enthusiasts an opportunity to shape Windows 10 by incorporating variable features along with developers.

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