Microsoft Eyes Greater Cloud Security Play With Adallom Buy

Microsoft Eyes Greater Cloud Security Play With Adallom Buy

Microsoft plans to acquire Israel-based cloud security company Adallom for $320 million, according to Israeli business publication Globes. According to the reports, Microsoft is also planning to open a cyber security facility in Israel and used some of the local talents it has acquired.

Founded in 2012 and based in Palo Alto, Adallom develops and offers cloud security platform. The company offers its services to customers using cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and applications offered by Salesforce. The company's cloud security platform employs an advanced heuristics engine and insights that analyses user activity on SaaS applications, it alerts IT admins when it detects patterns and anomalies as possible security breaches. The company claims that it has been able to thwart a new generation of cloud-aware threats, including a vulnerability that made it possible to hack Microsoft Office 365 identity tokens. Adallom's market competitors include CloudLock, Elastica and Skyhigh Networks.

Adallom, which has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California and R&D center in Israel, was founded by CEO Adam Rappaport, Ami Luttwak and Roy Reznik, all veterans of the Israel's IDF technology units.

Before the Microsoft deal, Adallom has raised about $50 million in venture funding from venture capital firms Sequoia Capitol, European index Ventures, HP Capital and storage giant EMC.

Adallom is the software giant's latest and its biggest-ever acquisition in Israel. The Redmond-based software company had made several recent strategic acquisitions in Israel, including integrated access and management (IAM) security firm Aorato, text analytics firm Equivio and N-Trig's pen technology.

Image Courtesy of: Computerworld

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