Low Battery? 5 Apps To Solve Your Problem

Extend The Battery Life Of Android

There’s nothing more frustrating than a device with a short battery life. Given the number of apps all running simultaneously gobbling up energy at an ever increasing rate and smartphones becoming larger and larger, it’s hardly surprising that demand for power is outstripping supply. Many phones even have settings that allow virtually everything to be switched off in an attempt to prise every last minute of life from the battery, although this is not always an effective strategy.

Applications That Can Extend The Battery Life Of Android OS

Juice Defender

This comes in both paid and free versions and allows you to manage the basics like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data. It has two pre-set modes; ‘balanced’ and ‘aggressive’ which allow you to plan your background sync and you can also choose which apps have permission to keep your screen on. The paid Version Plus edition adds two further modes; ‘extreme’ and ‘manual’, Wi-Fi positioning and allows you to plan the night hours. There is also a paid ‘maximum’ version allowing you to set for peak hours and weekends, has deep self-sync GPS control functionality affording you maximum control of your battery life.

Battery Defender

Battery Defender is also free. It provides quick and simple access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile data and allows you to quickly and simply switch off connections you don’t want. Useful features include Genius Scan which allows you to set 15 minute sync as well as sleep mode that disables data and Wi-Fi transmissions at night time.

Go Power Master Battery Saver

This is a very flexible free app featuring a simple tap-screen operation that switches you between pre-set modes; for example from emails to gaming with just one tap. The app keeps tabs of your other applications and works out which are more power-sapping than others. The app then shows you which features can be switched off in order to lengthen battery life. The Premium Pack paid version gets rid of adverts and provides better control over Wi-Fi, CPU and Bluetooth in addition to a third ‘extreme’ mode.

Autorun Manager

This app allows you to decide which apps you want running when you switch on your phone. It has two modes; ‘basic’ (free) and ‘advanced’ (paid). Applications you choose in basic mode will automatically be terminated when your phone reboots and others will be launched when a complete download has been carried out. Advanced mode gives you more control over options, services, settings and system events although it is really only suitable for experienced users who own rooted phones. If you phone is not rooted, most of the advanced settings don’t work.


This paid app lets you set your phone to disable various connections at pre-set times. You can also set specific times and attach them to locations too; for example, you could set your connections to deactivate when you arrive at your office or enter a meeting room. There’s quite a lot to get your head around with this program but it’s extremely useful once you get to know how it works.

In conclusion

Until such time as battery life catches up with the demands of modern tech, apps like the ones featured above can only be a godsend. Take the time to understand how they work and watch your productivity and battery life increase dramatically.

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