List of Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services

Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services

A Virtual Private Network is basically a private network that extends across a public network, such as the Internet. It constitutes part of a vast network access solution that provides desired support for certification and various authorization services. It also provides advanced network security technologies.

VPN Services Provided Free Of Cost

Logmein Hamachi

It’s a wonderful free VPN service that can be used for non-commercial and personal purpose. It doesn’t require any hardware and is quick, simple and easy-to-use VPN. It can be deployed by anyone and managed from anywhere.

Use: It works to secure communications and provides encrypted tunnelling across public and private networks. The big advantages are that it provides a flexible networking and combines the comfort of an SSL VPN with the connectivity of an IP-Sec.

Refer to link: Logmein.com


Based on Open VPN, it offers free client/ server SSL VPN solution. In order to utilise this service, it is required that you download and install the client. Following that, you must create a username and password if you wish to run this service.

Use: It helps in encrypting and making your connection anonymous. It, therefore, renders your connection safe and secure.


It is a free VPN solution from Japan. It incorporates technology developed by SoftEther Corporation. Its online test service PacketiX.NET can be used for free. With this, there is no demand to fix up a VPN server with a global IP address. The VPN server administration can be performed over an easy web interface.

Use: By making use of this service, you are capable to produce your private Virtual VPN Hub. It provides numerous uses such as creation of a remote connection to your home network or a unification of local networks at different websites.

Refer to link: packetix.net

Hotspot Shield

It is also a free VPN service that aims at protecting your identity by ensuring that all web transactions are safe through HTTPS. The transactions may be in varied forms such as shopping, downloading data, form filling and submissions, etc. To use this service, it is needed that you download and install a client.

Use: It is a remarkable service that aids in protecting your entire web surfing session. It secures both wired and wireless connections at both home Internet network and Public Internet networks.

Refer to link: hotspotshield.com


This is a part of Port 80 Limited (Seychelles) company that provides both free and paid VPN services in USA and Europe region. The noteworthy characteristic of this service is its ability to work on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and so along. Besides, you don’t require setting up any software to utilize this help.

Use: It creates a safe and dependable connection for its users by encrypting all the data. It, therefore, protects your privacy and aims at securing you.

Refer to link: itshidden.com


This is another free VPN service offered from Germany. The service offered without any cost is limited and includes 10 GB traffic every month.

Use: This service enables to route you through an IP that is German.

Refer to link: cyberghostvpn.com


This is a free VPN service product offered by the World’s Gate, Inc. To utilize this service, you need an installation of a software client.

Use: It offers brilliant Internet solutions for information related freedom in China and other countries.

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