Kids and Android Gaming

Kids and Android Gaming

Android gaming is an activity a lot of us like to do. This means that we like to play lots of games just to have fun, but when there are kids involved an open mind is needed. Today, kids tend to play games that are not appropriate on an android mobile device. This occurs when parents or other family members do not watch what their kids are doing, whether it is on a computer or on a mobile device. In this case, reinforcement needs to happen because there are times when kids are not watching what they play. In certain situations reinforcement is put in place for a good reason so that kids would not face consequences when playing inappropriate games on an android device.

Parental Controls

Parental controls help the parent decide what the kids should play, when they are allowed to play, and how much time they are allowed to spend on an android device. This is where the parent would be able to see what their kids are playing and what their kids are doing. This technique helps kids understand that there are games and activities they can play and that there are games and activities that they should not play. Kids may not like having parental controls reinforced but they have to learn that parental controls can sometimes help them become better people throughout their lives.

Gaming Sites

There are a lot of gaming sites that have a variety of games that kids like to play. Sometimes kids have a hard time choosing good games to play because a lot of games have certain age levels. This is where kids have to be sure to ask a parent before going on to certain game sites to play games. This is why gaming sites require kids  to be 13 or older or 18 or older. This would stop kids that are under 13 from playing games that are not appropriate for their age. Here are some good sites for kids to go and play games:

  1. Google Apps Store
  2. www.abcmosue.com
  3. www.sproutonline.com

Great Kid Games To Play

  1. Hay Day
  2. Cookie Jam
  3. Farmville 2
  4. Pet rescue Saga
  5. Candy Crush Saga
  6. Candy Mania

What Parents Should Look For When Their Kids Want To Play Games

  • Parental Control options
  • The terms and conditions
  • Gaming Policies
  • Age group limitations

If kids learn to be careful with playing games on an android mobile device they will learn to make better choices with choosing what games to play and how long they should play them on an android device. Another aspect is that parents would feel comfortable with what their kids decide to play by getting permission from their parents as well.

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