Keepod, Your OS To Use On The Go

Keepod OS To Use On The Go

What if you could take your computer wherever you go? I am not talking about the whole physical computer, so let me rephrase: what if you could take your operating system (OS) with you, in your pocket, wherever you go? It may seem a little unreal, but it is now possible with Keepod OS.

What Is The Keepod OS?

Keepod OS is an operating system, based in Linux, which is installed on a USB flash drive. Even though it needs a physical computer to run on, it runs independently from the contents inside that computer. In fact, Keepod OS is just launched on top of the other operating system (be it Windows, OS X or other Linux-based OS). This OS has been built with privacy in mind so that when you stop using it there is no trace whatsoever left in the host computer - the same goes for passwords and other sensible information.

This operating system is really fast to load from the USB, bringing a desktop environment fast as well which is rather simple to use. It provides access to several popular software such as Google Chrome and Skype, as well as direct access to some other web apps like Pinterest, Spotify, Twitter, MOG and others. You can still install some other regular programs to your OS, like Steam and other software for Linux.

Keepod is an Israeli startup (now registered in the United Kingdom), which has Keepod OS as its main focus. Recently, the company launched a humanitarian campaign on Indiegogo called "Keepod Unite," which aims to deliver some units of Keepod OS to some African slums where technology is not widely available. With this, a single computer could be used by many different people, each having their own personal OS inside their USB flash drive.

You can buy yourself a copy of Keepod OS on their website, on a "get one, give one" model - for $14 you get one copy (coming in its own USB thumb) and you offer another copy to charity, so that the company can provide it to people in need.

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