Jaguar Land Rover Develops New 'Ghost Car' Safety System

Jaguar Land Rover Develops New 'Ghost Car' Safety System

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a revolutionary new SatNat system that will allow drivers a full panoramic view of their surroundings with the added safety feature of a ‘ghost car’ facility. The new system is to be called the, ‘Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation’ system. It is currently under development together with the ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’. The idea of the systems is to help drivers to become more aware of what’s happening on the road all around them at all times thus improving safety for all road users.

Blind Spots

Even the best drivers can become the victims of blind spots caused by car pillars, mirror positioning etc. The ghost car will get around this by effectively removing the motorist’s blind spots. Screens on the inside of the car will relay images projected from cameras positioned outside of the vehicle. Hazards such as cyclists, pedestrians etc would be highlighted to the driver via digital ‘halos’ that would be shown around them. These special pillars would be activated when the driver indicates or on the approach to a junction; times when blind spots can prove particularly hazardous.

Jaguar Land Rover hopes to ultimately reduce road accidents by improving driver visibility and providing the right information when it’s really needed. This clever technology aims to enable the driver to keep his eyes on the road in front of him at all times by presenting all the information he needs in a way that won’t be a distraction. These new innovations should mean that even the most demanding and chaotic road conditions will be a piece of cake instead of an accident waiting to happen.

Additional Features

One problem with conventional SatNav systems is that directions are given using road names which are often obscured or not present at all. This means that drivers are required to take their eyes off the road or slow down as they search for signs. The new system has an additional feature which uses highly visible landmarks to help drivers get their bearings.

In conclusion

This technology will make driving in unfamiliar areas much safer and more pleasurable for motorists and less hazardous for pedestrians and other road users. No doubt it will soon be possible to download an app that will provide similar functionality and it’s just a matter of time before the tech giants all jump onto the proverbial bandwagon. Either way, it’s great news for road safety.

Image source: Motor Authority

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