Is Your Company Out Growing, MySQL?

Is Your Company Out Growing, MySQL?

Today, companies are finding it hard to handle all the data their enterprises generate. IT departments find that data management is complex, quickly evolving, and requires other databases to handle their growing needs. One problem enterprises face today is the evolution of ‘super apps’ and applications that can process their user interactions with each second. Furthermore, with Big Data and cloud computing organizations realize they need a new generation of databases that can perform faster and be scaled to their needs.

Your organization might be outgrowing your current MySQL and are ready for a scale-out database SQL to handle your needs.

5 Signs That Your Company Has Outgrown MySQL

1. Your organization finds it hard to handle the entire read, write, and update requests

The MySQL has many analytic platforms built into the databases that can’t be scaled to support advanced feature sets or detailed analytics. As your company’s workload increases your IT department might find it difficult to handle the additional read and write request using MySQL. Your organization has outgrown your current database and needs a new scale-out approach to hand all your data needs. With a scale-out approach your company can easily add extra nodes that can process and handle the additional demands. Therefore, you can handle the increased transactions easier.

2. You are experiencing slow analytics and reporting

The MySQL database doesn’t provide real-time analytics capabilities and offer no support for joins or other SQL constructs. In order to address these problems, your company needs multi-version concurrency control and massive parallel processing in order to process massive workloads. The MVCC and MPP allow for writing and analytic process to happen without the interference of multiple nodes and multiple cores per node. This allows you to make analytic queries faster and process your data faster.

3. Your office experiences frequent downtime

What enterprises don’t seem to understand is that the MySQL database is built with a single point of failure. This means if a hard drive, memory, or motherboard fails the entire database will fail. This causes businesses to experience frequent down time, resulting in loss of revenues. To rectify the problem many IT specialist use sharding and slaves with their MySQL database that quickly becomes fragile. By implementing a scale-out database your database has multiple copies of your data which provides your company built-in fault tolerance and continues to operate when one node or a disk failure.

4. Your MySQL database is starting to incur high development costs

Enterprises are finding out that developers who work with their MySQL database must spend more time fixing issues and addressing database failures. With a scale-out database developers are free to work on developing new features and getting your products to the market faster. The time it takes your product to reach the market decreases and you are able to earn revenues for your company quicker.

5. During the day your servers max out and can’t handle your company’s growth

During the day are your servers starting to page to disk or temp tables and have issues with not enough RAM? When your servers max out for extended periods during peak hours of usage and this happens frequently throughout the day it is an indication that MySQL can’t handle your growth. Your company can add extra hardware to your configuration. This is only a temporary fix and a costly fix in the end. By changing your database to a scale-out approach, your data can be replicated across nodes. During peak hours of usage your transactions increase in size and amount. With scale-out database your workload can be shifted to other nodes within the database to handle peak hours of usage.

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