Is Cloud Technology the Last Piece of the Globalization Puzzle?

Cloud Technology

All those who are used to the cloud computing technology believe it to be the last piece of globalization. Find out if in the following if this is true or just wishful thinking.

To a great extent, cloud computing can influence the way businesses operate. So when we assume that the cloud is the last piece of the age-old globalization puzzle it is with some basis.

Let’s give some more arguments in support of our views. Here they are:

Cloud Computing On The Globalization Scene

The cloud has allowed businesses of all types and sizes to grow, including those that don’t have huge budgets for hardware. It has, in a way, enabled countless ambitious groups from around the world to share one single platform to compete and stand out by virtue of the most appropriate utilization of a set of similar resources!

In the middle of all this, we can define cloud computing as:

  1. A Paradigm for Widespread Computing Systems: The ultimate goal of this emerging prototype of distributed computing systems is to deliver software as a service using the Internet. Numerous network providers and cloud users are interacting online, revolutionizing computing and doubling their scope and significance.
  2. The Heart of the Globalization Spirit: With Internet touching virtually everything, no individual or enterprise can afford not to have an effective online existence. But when it comes to making one’s web presence authentic and secure, only a platform with a global approach can be relied upon. One such platform is the cloud. This is where the whole world is present without having to fear the potential risks associated with globalization.
  3. The Versatile Passage: It is the cloud that enables smooth passage of a huge assortment of technologies and applications at the same time. How it still makes such huge amounts of data and information both universally accessible and safe is something most of us don’t understand! As a business owner or part of a company, you can access crucial data and information at any point of time anywhere in the world, using any system.

There can’t be a better way of defining globalization than cloud computing!

Author Bio: Henry Chow is a managing director of an IT company – Motionwave Technologies. The company Motionwave Technologies started in 2010. They offer IT network support to small and medium size business.

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