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More than decades ago, we have experienced transitions from analog to digital, radio to television, and television to internet. Trends took place, various technology features were showcased upon us, that choosing became a challenge because of too many catalogs of smart phones and computers. We educated ourselves of the latest and reliable brands, and incorporated them to work with us and be parallel to our lifestyle.

Truth be told, we have been shaped and reshaped by the internet; it made us become individuals who are open to innovate and participate to the global community. The internet allowed us to seek the old ways and enhance those which could be maximized. We used to have a variety of large hardware and equipment; now, we have gadgets which could be stored in our pockets and worn on our wrists. Memory storage evolved from megabyte stored in a big machine, into a terabyte which could fit in a universal serial bus (USB) flash drive. So what happens next?

Facts About The Internet Trends And Growth

Now is fast approaching, we need to look back on what took place this year to better understand what trends we should expect for the coming new year.

I have collected these facts from studies, and I am more than willing to summarize everything from a perspective of a marketing researcher. Let's go!

  1. We’re nearly 3 billion in population of internet users. According to internet live statistics, there are 2,893,587,260 internet users worldwide. We have increased in years and there’s no stopping because of trends taking place and people wanting to have more gadgets and computers.
  2. The nature of internet has not changed, we did. Through the years, we have become more dependent internet users; treating education and reality as if it could only be seen on the screens of our phones and computers. Interpersonal communication deteriorated, because person to person communication became virtually modified; our five senses demoted the sense of touching, because speaking and listening could take place by having a smart phone on our hands.
  3. Viral marketing took its toll to convince us of brands. We have been deceived, convinced and educated of our needs as consumers. The internet has upgraded in years, but for some reason, we are blinded by one minute videos, straightforward micro blogging and everything that comes along with it. If we will be more mindful of what the internet injects in us, we will have certain intelligence on how to filter messages and advertisements.
  4. Broadcast communication became overrated. Because of the internet, we suddenly had the urge to show and tell everyone even the most private of our stories. We need to realize that personal conversations still matter over internet ranting. Not everyone who sees your posts will help you through your problems. Internet users should learn how to get out there and converse with people who matter.
  5. Messages delivered are becoming faster, but not everything could be credible. The internet have ways to filter messages, but since there are almost 3 billion internet users, most people abuse the fact that they can say anything they want, without being held accountable to it.
  6. Advertising became a dirty and political agenda to persuade billions of internet users. While education is the key, responsible internet usage will always be the fundamental principle in order for the global community to rightfully exist.
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