Perfect Combination of International and Social Networking

Perfect Combination of International and Social Networking

Whenever we talk about international marketing begin by pointing out a key issue: you can not play the strategy applied in Spain in other countries. On this basis the situation is further complicated when we approach the international treatment of social networks.

And, believe it or not, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc despite its importance not have the same domain or the same implementation in all countries of the world, sometimes even the same rules.

There Are A Number Of Precautions When Preparing The Export Plan In The Section On Social Networks

First, rule out social media in those countries where there is no physical presence. This premise is beyond doubt when the activity of the company and its performance is physical. It makes no sense to make a marketing effort of any kind if then, customers are unable to stop by the store to buy your services or enjoy easy and accessible. The decision is more complicated when one must take is an e-commerce company or even serving, look for customers worldwide. It could be the case of a luxury resort, for example. In general, the recommendation of the experts is that social media presence should be a complement to physical activity of the company and managed from the place where they are to provide the services.

Studying the most powerful networks in the country that wants to conquer and calibrate efforts is the second of the premises of international marketing. It may seem an aberration not be on Twitter. But if that social network just has fans in China, for example, the sensible thing is to discard it and go for Weibo, the Chinese Twitter that are 400 million users.

Generate specific content

Once you select the networks that best fit the strategy of the company, you have to generate specific content. More times desirable, creating unique content for all languages in a social network is established. The translation is made and distributed each for the appropriate channel. Error. Each country should have a unique content or at least highly adapted to local idiosyncrasies. And that can only be achieved with a policy: local management.

Manage networks locally

Tweet or write a blog involves continual references to the reality experienced by followers and if that is from another country (although the publishers, editors, or network operators have the same language) sensitivity is lost. It is therefore essential to have a computer (can be external) to manage the networks in the country in which you want to do business. It also helps partners find local renown. One strategy that gives importance to a business blog is to invite experts from prestigious firms in the sector. To be effective it must be known experts in the country. It is almost impossible and very expensive to have employees of international prestige, recognized in all countries.

General or specific social networks

This is another of the big questions that arise when addressing social media marketing. Bet only for the channels or devote efforts to the thematic networks. The decision depends primarily on the budget and human resources. If the budget permits must choose to take full advantage of the thematic, vertical or specific networks, as they want to call. Through them you can contact a public profile much more interested in the product of the company and, in general, much more active than the one in the general social networks. In addition, a vertical network also involves knowing the strategy and operations of competing companies and especially identify infuencers. That is, identify those user profiles whose views have a special impact on the network, and personally contact them to present the company and its products or activity. In most cases, these 'influencers' are also active in the general social networks, but is more difficult to detect them.

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