Intel Plans Thumb Sized PCs in the Upcoming Year

Intel Plans Thumb Sized PCs

Gone are the days of heavy computers and peripherals. The tablets and smart phones have taken mobile computing to a whole new level. Every day, hardware companies are striving to create minimalist products that can provide extreme reduction in size, while maintaining the necessary computing functions and power.

Enter Intel with its proposed thumb-sized devices (computer sticks) as PCs. Intel wants to unleash this micro-PC on to the market as early as next year. The device could be plugged into monitors and TVs to convert them as PCs. This thumb-sized device is an extension to mini-desktops and laptops that can be handheld.

Intel’s very own processor for mobile devices – the low-power Atom processors – is instrumental in the creation of this stick. Google’s Chromecast and TV sticks like Amazon’s Fire TV have captured large market base in the past year. Intel believes that there is an untapped market for computer sticks that enable powerful processing at a thumb’s size. The plug-n-play feature of this device is expected to drive the cost to be lower than a smart phone.

The news about the thumb-sized device came from Kirk Skaugen, who is a senior vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group at Intel in Santa Clara, California, during the Intel investor conference. The device is similar to other thumb PCs by PC makers such as Dell, which currently offers sticks with Android OS and an ARM processor.

The device is expected to come with sufficient amount of memory. The power input will be through an USB interface. There will be a HDMI output for display along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The configuration is not expected to be much different from devices like add-ons for TVs. Intel said that the thumb-sized device is not just simple streaming device but more than that.

Next year, you could more likely be looking for the device on sale during black Friday week.

*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

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