IBM’s Answer to Cloud Security

IBM’s Answer to Cloud Security

IBM introduced their new Dynamic Cloud Security package that protects enterprise applications and data across multiple platforms. The new Dynamic Cloud Security is the first intelligent security portfolio that was designed to protect applications, people, and data stored in hybrid clouds. In recent years IBM has diversified its resources from mainframe and servers to the new cloud technology. The new cloud security package was designed to identify and fix gaps in security that currently exists between SAAS, mobile applications, cloud, and on-premises storage.

The last 12 months IBM’s engineers have been developing the new tools for optimizing security operations in the cloud. The new portfolio focuses on controlling data, authenticating access, and improving visibility for data and application in the cloud and on-premises. The engineers at IBM understand the difficulties large enterprises have in managing their hybrid IT environments and securing their data across multiple platforms.

New Service Package Can Be Deployed in the Cloud or On-premises

The new service package can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises to help enterprises protect their business data and applications. According to Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM Security Systems, the new service packages will use advanced analytics to protect enterprise data. No matter if an enterprise stores its data on mobile devices, on-site storage arrays, or in the public or private cloud their data is protected.

In recent years more enterprises are deploying their company’s workload to the cloud for faster processing speeds, cost, and mobile access. However, enterprise IT departments finds it more difficult to protect their network and prevent security leaks and data breaches. Today, hackers have become more sophisticated in their brutal attacks on large networks. Most data breaches or a compromised network now takes weeks or months to detect which increases the damage done by the hacker.

The New Security Tool

The new security tool package uses IBM’s own in-house, workplace-proven analytics that now gives a company a clear line of sight into their business and security status. The security tools use a single-screen administrative view that allows IT administrator’s access to monitor who is using the cloud, which mobile devices are accessing data, and where their data is being accessed from. IBM designed the newest tool to be deployed by developers or line-of-business executives and features security intelligence for private and public cloud services.

IBM’s Managed Security Services teams helps enterprises identify threats in real-time by monitoring over 20 billion daily security events in more than 130 countries. IBM feels with these new insight enterprises can now protect their network using proactive measures before an intruder can attack.

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