Prevent Theft or Loss of Your Smartphone

Prevent Theft or Loss of Your Smartphone

Our smartphones accompanies us daily, anywhere we go and is one of the most valuable things we carry. Not only do we carry an electronic device equipped with the latest technology, but we also accompany all our data among which are: our personal information and people around us, our photos...

That's why we want to have available at all times, and give us something if anything happens.

Some Tips And Precautions To Avoid Any Tragedy If You Lose Or Someone Steal Your Smartphone

Keep your data safe

This is something that sounds very obvious but hardly anyone implements. Today we have many applications that allow us to have our data in "the cloud" , and thus access them from anywhere and anytime. This, besides giving us a huge comfort when handling our information, gives us confidence that if we lose access to our terminal, the information will still be accessible. From here we recommend that if you have not yet set any "cloud" service on your smartphone, you do it as soon as possible because you never know when something can happen.

Turns any pattern or password

The possibilities offered by today's smartphones when configuring a form of access is enough. This is something that is usually too lazy to change , due to the number of times we turn on our phone daily. Also, most times we turn on the phone , are in places where it is impossible for anyone to access our data , for example, in our house. Given this, many developers have done their job and there are many applications that will help us in this regard. The most noteworthy is the famous Tasker. This application allows you to configure a number of parameters and execute a series of actions depending on the situation. Therefore, let us set, for example, our mobile ask us a password only away from home , using if we are disconnected to a wifi network or if we go to a certain area on our gps. To make things easier, there are other applications that do this exclusively. This time we recommend Skiplock, a functional simple application, and, yes, the paid.

Put even more barriers

Related to this, we are going to recommend two more than what they will be giving us an extra security lock screen in our smartphone apps. The first of these, Lookout is an antivirus software that allows you to activate a very interesting as it is, every time someone entered the wrong security code five times in succession, this will automatically send us an email with the location of the device at that moment function and a snapshot that will be taken with the front camera. The second, and in my critical opinion, is Smart Lockscreen. This application does is in the lock screen, each time you open the menu of the phone off (holding the power button), we automatically canceled. This will prevent it from moving when switched off the lock screen. This is very useful when we unlock key, as well, in case of theft or loss, no one can turn off your phone and keep it on as long as possible, and thus have time to try to recover.

Use a Device Manager

Device Managers are applications that allow us to have an extra security check on our phone. It incorporates features such as geolocation, make a remote data wipe or blow your smartphone. Recently submitted its official application dedicated to it called Google Google Device Manager. This is a very simple and functional application that will allow us to do the above. Also available are other alternatives perhaps most likely as Cerberus but, from here, I recommend Google Device Manager for its clarity, but, above all, its integration with Google services.

Mobiles give us many possibilities when having our information safe

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