How to Survive a Data Breach?

Data Breach

A data breach prevention strategy is very important for any organization for the management and protection of their confidential and critical information today because of the billions of Internet connected devices.

The Ponemon Institute has been examining the costs incurred by organizations because of data breaches since 2005. The consequent results provide cost estimates for activities that stemmed from actual data security breach and data loss incidents.

It proved that there is a continuous growth in the risks and costs of a data breach. According to recent “cost of a data breach” studies carried out by Ponemon Institute, it was proven that the approximate expenses incurred through a data breach was $6.75 million, where the average cost per compromised record was more than $200.

How Data Breaches Occur?

Verizon Business Risk Team, State of Software Security Report and the Open Security Foundation learnt through their research that there were three main types of root causes of data and security breaches: targeted attacks, malicious insiders and benevolent insiders. Moreover, in most cases, a combination of these factors leads to breaches. For example, well-meaning insiders inadvertently enable targeted attacks which in turn lead to data breaches just because they did not follow data and security policies.

How to Prevent a Data Breach?

With this checklist and quick reference tool, you can protect your enterprise from a possible data and security breach:

  • Proactive protection of information: This is achieved by scanning all your applications for security holes
  • Preventing possible data exfiltration: The purposeful dissemination of confidential and sensitive information from applications to third party executives using common data transmission methods is called data exfiltration
  • Identification of threats by correlating global security intelligence with application security quality
  • Implementation of an application security policy across your company
  • Prevent any possible incursions by targeted attacks

Prevention of Data Breaches by Veracode

It is your application that provides a gateway to your data. Attackers are well aware of the fact that applications are the weak links of today’s computer networks. This is why they keep an eye out for any leaks and weaknesses in applications which provide them with access to sensitive data.

It is however possible to reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities through testing applications. With Veracode as part of your data breach prevention strategy, you can locate the weaknesses in your applications and in the process, find a path to improve the quality of overall security in all the applications made on your mobile devices and network.

These applications can access some types of critical and confidential data like:

  • Intellectual property including source code, process documentation, product design documents and internal price lists
  • Corporate data including strategic planning documents, financial documents, due diligence research for acquisitions and mergers and employee information
  • Customer data that includes credit card numbers, social security numbers, financial statements and medical records

This is why protecting the quality of security of your applications plays an important part in any data breach strategy. With the help of remediation and security testing software, Veracode creates a prioritized report of flaws which can lead to possible data breaches. Veracode than fixes these flaws based on your risk management policies, and with the help of your developers.

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