How to Safely Migrate to Your new Android or iOS

Migrate to Your new Android or iOS

When faced with the task of migrating your old Android or iOS phone to your new phone can seem like a nightmare. Also, making the switch from one operating system to another can cause many problems for the novice user. However, with today’s cloud platforms and software that can communicate with different devices, this can help make the process less complicated.

6 Simple Steps To Migrate Your Data And Apps To Your New Phone

Step 1: Back up all your app data

Before migrating to your new phone use the cloud to back up all your apps data stored on your phone. Dropbox and other apps that sync with different online services make this an easy task. Store all your app data on your cloud platform so that you can log into your account and access your data from your new device.

Step 2: Back up your telephone data to a desktop or cloud service provider

Backup your telephone data to your cloud account or desktop computer. Apple uses iCloud to back up your phone to their cloud service. Afterwards, you use iTunes to restore your backup from your computer. Backups allow you to retrieve your data if your phone is stolen, has to be returned to the factory, or you have lost it. If you use an Android device. Google offers their data servers to back up your phone. Other vendors have software or cloud services to back up your data.

Step 3: Back up your photos

People store personal or work photos on their phone. Backup all your photos to a cloud service provider. Today, several cloud service providers can automatically back up your photos stored on your phone. Google + or Dropbox have automatic backup services for your photos. The two services can back up your Android or iOS to their private cloud. Afterwards, you can access your photos from your new device and from any operating system.

Step 4: Back up your contacts

Contacts are important to everyone and are critically important for your work. Contact back up can cause problems between different platforms. One easy solution is to store your contact in your Gmail or Outlook account address book. Once you sync up your new device you can restore your contacts to your address book. For Apple devices, use iCloud to back up your contacts. Afterwards, you can access your contacts through your computer or other Apple devices. Android devices should be backed up to your Google account. Once your contacts are backed up you can sync your new device to your Google account.

Step 5: Backing up and restoring iOS and iMessage

If your current phone uses an iOS and you have synced your current phone number to iMessage you will need to take some extra measures. There are many apps on the market today. But iMessage doesn’t work on Android phone. Before switching your operating system turn off iMessage from all your phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops before transferring your services or removing your SIM card. Once iMessage is deactivated, it is now possible to migrate to your new non-iOS device.

Step 6: Using vendor software to migrate to your new device

Sony, Motorola, HTC, and Samsung now offer migration software that transfers your data from your old device to your new device. The vendor’s software will only transfer the data from an iOS or Android device to their platform. Apple offers their own suggestion to migrate your data from an Android device to an Apple device.

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