How to Remove Spyware and Adware Safely and Effectively

How to Remove Spyware and Adware Safely and Effectively

If you are planning to remove spyware and adware programs from your computer, a good idea is to get an effective software removal tool to do the job for you. This may be necessary as unfortunately spyware and adware have kept pace with other technology and become more sophisticated, as malicious programmers constantly work at devising new ways for preventing users from getting rid of unwanted computer codes. Wherever spyware is used for malicious purposes, its presence is hidden from the user and can be very hard to detect.

These malicious programs are a big nuisance when your computer has been infected with them. Some of the programs attach to your computer and constantly bombard it with pop-up ads which are not easy to remove. Some of the adware programs are actually legitimate advertisements and will not cause you the same problems. The trouble is that the wide scale spread of extreme types of pop-up adverts has adversely affected the reputation of the legitimate programs. Rather than being an effective way of promoting products or services on the Net, adware programs are now a bugbear dreaded by computer users.

Spyware is even worse, being malicious programs that attempt to get inside your PC and operate secretly from among the numerous different programs you are running. The reason they are dubbed spyware, is because they hide under cover of other ostensibly legitimate computer programs in order to get inside the system. As soon as they have been downloaded, these programs can start their malicious work. Some spyware tracks your web-surfing habits, or how you generally use your computer. The websites and the programs you frequently use will be monitored. This type of program makes a compilation of the data and then sends it to the author of the spyware.

This is not the worst of it though – there are other spyware programs which are much more creepy. They are the type which try to record your actual keystrokes. The purpose of this is to let the spyware author know and find out your email addresses, passwords, credit card information and other such private and sensitive data, which obviously you want to keep to yourself. Other spyware programs are able to scan your hard drive and are even sophisticated enough to download other programs to your computer. These spyware can even prevent you from using other computer programs and instead force you to use a specific program that they are selling or promoting.

There are certain signs to look out for to check if your PC might be infected by spyware. Although they are usually run secretly, you can usually spot them if you look closely for these signs:

  • recent changes to your web browser;
  • any extra toolbars;
  • a sudden change in your home page settings, without your knowledge.

Another sign is if you get pop-ups which suddenly appear and that are not related to the website you are browsing at the time. Has your PC started becoming slow and sluggish although you have tried everything to make it run faster?

All of these and others are tell-tale indicators of an infection by spyware.

Fortunately there is a now a wide range of anti-spyware programs on the market which can help you get rid of these pesky programs. These programs work by attempting to identify spyware programs within your hard drive and removing them or quarantining them. The program removal tools usually contain a database of the commonly known spyware and adware programs which are constantly updated to make sure that your PC stays protected from the most recent spyware threats.

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