How to Organize Content for Improved Search Engine Performance

Organize Your Content

We all know that SEO-generated articles are ever so popular these days. On closer examination, there is a steady increase in the number of companies making use of this type of promotion. Thad said, you should know that writing SEO articles is quite different from writing ordinary articles. A SEO article is written with the aim of becoming optimized for search engine ranking. Such optimization implies that the article will have a higher page rank on every occasion a search query related to it is performed. With this is mind, there are certain things that you have to acknowledge prior to writing an SEO-optimized article.

Tips To Write SEO-optimized Article

Keyword Selection

A keyword is the search term that readers or customers use in order to find particular websites. Knowing the exact keywords you wish to target is undoubtedly one of the key elements of your online marketing campaign. If done in a correct manner, keyword research is likely to pinpoint which keywords are being targeted by your competitors and which are easier to master than others. Opt for the primary keyword to target in an article, as well as 2-4 keywords related to it to sprinkle throughout the article. Using them will help the search engines get a clearer picture of the topic of your article. As much as it may be hard to believe, search engines are capable of telling the difference between a keyword appearing on a page of different unrelated terms and the one appearing with terms related to the topic.

You should reiterate keywords or phrases from the title within the article itself. You have to know the key phrases for your topic, whatever it might be, and although one can never tell exactly how search engines rank websites (as their algorithms are frequently updated), the number of times that your keywords appear on a page may have an important effect. Make use of the same keywords, whenever possible, in both the title and body of your article. Note that unnecessary repetition is very likely to result in your page being rejected by a search engine, so be careful not to go overboard with it.


The article’s title is the first thing that search engines recognize, so it is crucial for you to skillfully optimize it. If you want to increase chances of your article being shown on the upper page rank, usually a smart thing to do is to place the keywords within the very title. Search engines will probably recognize your article as the most relevant to the search query.

On the other hand, optimizing the title might also increase the chances of the readers to choose your article. Once someone sees that your title contains the keywords, he or she will almost inevitably continue reading the entire article. As a result of this, you will simply start attracting customers to your website.

Article Body

Apart from the title, the content of your article is also recognized by search engines and shown on the search results. With this in mind, it is important for you to insert the right amount of correct within your article. You should place the keywords in the first part of your article and at least a couple of times throughout the article. Remember to check the guidelines of article directories about the quantity of keywords they allow. If you use exceed the allowed quantity of keywords, your article may not be approved or it may be labeled simply as a spam. It is also preferable if you can mention the keywords in the final part of the article, as in this way the readers will remember your article more easily.

There is also an article writing technique where different keywords are used or you somehow play with the keywords. In this way, the article will have a better chance of showing up to search engines owing to different keyword search queries.

Resource Box

The part where you introduce yourself and your business is commonly referred to as the resource box or author bio. In the segment you can also place the keywords and link it to website of your choosing. Most blog and website administrators allow a 2-4 line bio, either at the beginning or the end of your post, including a link back to your website. In this way, they reward you for an interesting post. You should use it as an opportunity to impress the readers and attract them to your website, as the searchers will not look no further for the product or services that they need. They will simply click on your link and become your potential clients.

These were several tricks that you can use when writing an article optimized for SEO article. When you are set to write your first piece, you should simply follow best practices, as skipping the essentials of SEO will only leave a mess on the foundation of your site's and prevent you from maximizing revenue opportunities.

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