How to Find Potential Recruits in Social Media

Find Potential Recruits in Social Media

The old fashioned and traditional way of recruiting is now being challenged by social media. Today, social networks are vital tools in recruitment. Just like how the web changed how consumers buy products by checking reviews first before handing out their money, recruiters are now checking social networks to search for possible employees and to snoop around their backgrounds as well. The impression that you give from your social media profiles says a lot about your personalities and is essential in the decision making process.

Why Use Social Media?

Two thirds of adults who are on the web make use of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. If you think your ad post in Monster or Craigslist seems to be non-existent, post it in your social media account and you can tell the difference. Back in 2011, 14.4 million actually found their jobs using social media. If you are still using broadsheets and paying a hefty amount for it, it is time to step up and change your game. Don’t be left behind. According to Media Bistro, 92% of companies now use social networks for recruiting.

How can you make social networks and recruiting work? Think outside of the box and be creative in your post. Carrot Creative actually themed their online recruitment campaign as 'Submission Impossible’ and launched it on Twitter. Applicants were requested to create three things - a haiku, a poetry for a fridge magnet, and a doodle. The objective is to attract like-minded people, which is one of the most vital objectives of any recruitment process.

Getting Started With Social Networks And Recruiting


LinkedIn is a platform that caters mostly to career people and professionals. This is where you get the biggest chance of being connected to the right recruit. Even CEO’s have their profiles in LinkedIn and of 135 million users, 80% of this population are actually decision makers.

LinkedIn allows you to post jobs and search for prime recruits for $195/month. You can also use your credits or sign up for the LinkedIn Talent Advantage, an exclusive set of tools for recruiters. But even if you don’t shell out a cent, you can still take advantage of LinkedIn’s resources and connect with hundreds of qualified prospects. Start by creating connections in your industry including former employees, co-workers and clients. Join groups and be active in those that are related to your current career.


Facebook is a good place to recruit if only for the sheer volume of its users. It has more than 400 million users and uploading a job post can create a domino effect with shares and likes. It is not a surprise that it will reach that one person perfect for the position. Some options that you can explore are Facebook Ads and creating a dedicated business page for recruitment.


Did you know that your job ad can be indexed on search engines much faster when you Tweet it? So tweet and add a URL to your post. You can also make use of Twitter’s search function to find people in the same location or industry. Hashtag your tweets with #jobs, #careerchange, #hiring or something similar to add exposure to your post.

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