How to Build a Strong Cybersecurity for Your Network

Strong Cybersecurity for Your Network

Many small business owners have migrated to the cloud for their daily business needs. Now companies can access their business files, make calls, and transfer information from anywhere. However, if your business isn’t careful you will become a potential target for cyber attacks and network breaches. Today, cyber criminals have started to attack small business owners because they don’t employ the same network security measures as larger businesses. That is why all business owners need to pay attention to their network cybersecurity issues.

How To Tighten Your Cybersecurity?

  1. Administrator Privileges: Many small business owners don’t have the knowledge to configure their network privileges. Therefore, many employees and network administrators have access to parts of the network that can jeopardize a company’s data and security. If you’re unfamiliar with network security issues it is important to understand these critical cybersecurity risks.
  2. Network Security Layered Approach: James Blindseil of Globalscape recommends that a business uses a layered approach when it comes to cybersecurity. Otherwise, your company will waste a lot of resources and valuable time to monitor your network. When using a layered approach your network administrator monitors and concentrates on the weak areas within the network.
  3. Cyber Insurance: Today cyber insurance is important for all business owners. The insurance protects your company's and clients' personal information. Without cyber insurance you could lose your business if your network is breached. The lawsuits from clients and the heavy fines you have to pay can destroy a small business financially.
  4. Secure BOYD Devices: Part of protecting your network is securing your employees personal devices they use at work. It is important to have strict network security policy in place. Furthermore, your network administrator needs to monitor each personal device that is attached to your network.
  5. People, Process, and Technology: The proper security software plays an important role in protecting your business network. However, software alone can’t guarantee your company won’t be breached. Therefore, it is necessary that your company continues to enforce your network security protocols with all your employees.

All small business owners need to pay close attention to their network cybersecurity issues. If you’re unfamiliar with network protocol and security, it is mandatory you hire a company to secure your network. Cyber criminals now attack any network to gain access to the client’s data and credit card information.

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