How to Become a Successful Video Blogger?

Become a Successful Video Blogger

From eye catching pictures, 500 word articles to 30 second videos, people get the idea that the internet has so much to offer. As internet marketing paves way for a more diverse set up of commerce, many individuals try out everything in order to get the attention of a lot of people.

According to Dino Dogan, the founder of Triberr, video blogging can help you build connections with your viewers like no other blogging format. Take for instance Michael Stelzne; he used video blogging to introduce himself and his website to his audience in a very effective way.

What Do You Need To Be A Good Video Blogger?

Have you tried video blogging on your personal or business blog? If not, why?

Below is an outline you need to consider if you want to become a successful video blogger.

  • Content. Do not settle on making irrelevant videos just so you could have a huge number of followers. Make your content related to your page and make sure that you have appealing topics to discuss.
  • Audio. If you don’t have a high end camera, make sure that you’re using an external microphone to have a high crisp quality of sound. During editing, you can definitely merge video and audio to have a better output.
  • Maximizing The Camera. While it is true that having a great camera can give you better shots, you still need to consider that holding and utilizing that camera depends on you. In this digital age we’re in, people assume that owning an expensive and digital camera makes them expert photographers or videographers; definitely not. Do not be part of the band wagon of owning a camera just for the sake of bragging. Before you buy a new camera, always consider its memory storage, audio, video format and the features it has so you know what you’re paying for.
  • Lighting. Whenever given the opportunity, take advantage of natural light. Make sure the source of light (usually sun, or if indoors, it’s the window) is always behind the camera, or slightly to the side. Consider your key light, fill light and back light. The first is the main light, commonly placed to the right of the camera and about 3 feet above the subject’s eye level. The second is the lighting fixture placed on the other side of the camera to fill the shadow cast produced by the key light. Lastly, the back light is placed behind the subject.
  • Screen Capture. It is strongly recommended for you to wear a pair of headphones with a microphone while recording the accompanying audio track; this will eliminate a bulk of irrelevant noise.
  • Editing. Less is more. Do not put too many video effects. Using too many texts contradicts the idea that you are making a video blog. If possible, do not edit for the sake of simplicity and speed. Just focus on trimming the beginning and ending of the video.
  • Video Duration. Do not go beyond 3 minutes. If you have a long video, people would not waste their time watching it and probably just watch something else.
  • Posting and sharing. As we all know, Youtube is one of the largest internet hubs there is, but while that is true, it is best to introduce yourself with other distribution options for your video blog. Try blip.tv, Vimeo, Viddler and TubeMogul.

Now that you know these tips, have fun video blogging away.

Photo credits to Public Domain Pictures

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