How can Your Organization Overcome Your Mobile Security Challenges?

How can Your Organization Overcome Your Mobile Security Challenges?

Organizations find it hard to balance between IT security and providing their employees anytime, anywhere connections to their company’s resources. Today, companies need to embrace mobility and BOYD for their employees while their risk of data and application resources multiplies leaving them vulnerable to hackers. IT security departments understand that BYOD is the root cause of security breaches in an organization.

Today, enterprises understand the need for mobile connections to their resources. At the same time they understand if they add more restrictions, their employees are likely to rebel and find workarounds to access their resources. This circumvents the security policies of most organizations and places their data at risk.

5 Practices For Organizations To Minimize Security Risks And Maximize Their Mobile Benefits

1. Your organization needs a network infrastructure that is optimized for BOYD and mobility

By creating a distinct BOYD network this enables your organization IT department to take into account the increased use of bandwidth-intensive tasks. Your IT department can control all personal devices, mobile apps, and validate the user before allowing them to connect to your network. Therefore, organizations can then create their master security policy that allows BOYD users access to their corporate information and parts of their network. This ensures that no information can leak out through BOYD users. Finally, your IT department can add security policies to validate all personal devices before connecting to your network.

2. Corporations need to create a mobile user remote access policy for all BOYD users

Today, all organizations need a secure mobile access for BOYD users that safeguards their corporate information and protects them from mobile threats. First, your company needs to have all employees using BOYD to sign into the network using a PIN or strong password. This is your first line of defense against data theft if a device is lost or stolen. Second, your company needs secure mobile access solutions that use network access controls, a VPN to allow only authorized users into your network, and a context-aware authentication. Secure BOYD solutions with these capabilities can stop the risk of compromised devices accessing your network and possibly infecting it with malware.

3. Use a mobile device encryption for all BOYD users

Your organization needs to enforce encryption of all mobile devices to protect your data from loss or theft. Your IT security department needs to set and administer encryption policies based on user profiles and the sensitive data accessed. By encrypting and decrypting all data files residing on Androids, IOS tablets, Smartphones and Windows devices your organization dramatically reduces the security problems for BOYD employees.

4. Use secure containers for your organizations apps data

For all personal devices use a container or walled-off corporate workspace that separates enterprise apps from personal ones. This prevents the co - mingling of personal apps with corporate apps and data. Plus, it helps reduce threats to your corporate information from being compromised. Your employees download an app with a container that allows them access to the productivity and collaboration tools they need for their preferred devices. Plus, this protects your employee’s personal data from being accidentally deleted by your IT department.

5. Implement identity and access management for all BOYD users

By using an identity and access management solution your corporation elevates security and reduces the risks typically associated with heterogeneous access needs. To create a unified approach for accessing your corporate data include a single sign-on, an access control policy, and separation of duties. A well-executed IAM strategy can simplify the task of proving compliance by moving it into the hands of your IT security department who knows what access should or shouldn’t be granted.

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