How To Manage Social Media In A Large Organisation

How To Manage Social Media In A Large Organisation

Managing social media for a large organisation presents its own special challenges.

4 Key Strategies To Remember To Keep Your Social Media Presence Running Smoothly

Consistency is key

Running social media in a large organisation is no easy task. There are multiple divisions, departments, premises and tiers of management to cope with which can lead to confusion. If your social media planning lacks cohesion, your messages can become garbled and your site will become riddled with duplicate accounts and redundant posts. This confusion will alienate the very audience you are trying to engage.

In a really complex corporate organisation with multiple brands and many different products and services, it’s impossible for one person to effectively co-ordinate everything. It’s therefore best practice to delegate different areas to separate individuals whose duty it is to manage and monitor their own particular stream, overseen by a manager to ensure that consistency is kept right across the board.

This individual should be responsible for the overall social media operation within the company, organising the various teams and establishing social media policy for the organisation as a whole.


Before you can take control of your company’s social media presence, you need to take stock of exactly what accounts you have and where they are. This can be a very time consuming task as you (or a member of your team) will need to scour the web to make sure there are no rogue sites out there which are presenting themselves as representative of your company or one of its departments.

This search may well turn up all sorts of garbage you weren’t aware of, much of which is not approved by the company. Sometimes a fan of one of your products or services might have started a page without your knowledge or even with malice aforethought. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to have these pages taken down and you may have to approach the relevant platform to request their removal if you have no success by asking the page owner directly.

Consider each page in turn and decide whether the platform it’s on is relevant to your target audience before you remove it.

Education is important

People don’t always read emails so get the relevant social media management personnel together face to face on a regular basis, via a virtual format if this is more practical. As there’s likely to be a lot of ground to cover, it might be necessary to organise a series of meetings rather than trying to cram everything into one session. Make sure everyone is fully understanding of your company audience, objectives, style guide, individual responsibilities and what your expected results are.

You will need to have a social media style guide in place to make sure your presence remains consistent. Be sure to discuss how amendments and new content is to be scheduled for roll out across every platform you have a presence on and put together a company-wide editorial calendar.

Clarify everyone’s roles within their respective teams and invite questions to clarify any uncertainties. To make individual assignments easier, set up a social media management system which will allow you to create multiple users and assign roles to each. You’ll also need a content management system in place so that team members know where to obtain fresh content, company logo graphics and product data when they need it.

Key performance indicators must be set and access provided to an analytics programme and reporting schedule.

Company-wide support

For any new initiative to work, company-wide support and participation is essential. Make sure you communicate what’s going to happen right across the organisation and encourage participation and buy-in.

People enjoy participation so encourage this by asking for comments and suggestions to let everyone know they are an important part of the company’s efforts and that their opinion is valued.

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