How To Integrate BYOD Into Your Business

How To Integrate BYOD Into Your Business

The rise and rise of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) phenomenon, means that consumer apps in the workplace have now become the norm for many businesses. However, failure to implement sufficiently robust mobile application management strategies can see BYOD morphing from a helpful development into a real threat.

Tips For Safely And Efficiently Integration Of Consumer Apps Into The Workplace Without Compromising Company Security

1. Standardise, yet diversify

With so many options out there, it’s usual for employees to have different preferences when it comes to apps and you will need to choose one to keep your operations consistent. Look at the options, make sure that the choices will withstand enterprise demands and once you’ve narrowed down the field to a few acceptable candidates, open up the final selection process to the users.

It’s really important that everyone is ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ and using the same set of apps in order to maximise productivity benefits. Your ultimate aim should be to standardise the apps being used by the workforce whilst ensuring that the solutions are compatible with the wide range of mobile devices your employees want to use.

2. Put together a clear enterprise mobility management policy

If you don’t have a central set of policy guidelines for employees to follow, mobile device usage can quickly become out of control with everyone shooting off at various tangents and once this has happened, it can be difficult to bring them all back into the same corral.

The best way to deal with this situation is to prevent it arising in the first place by making sure that the roll-out of BYOD is coordinated across all your company stakeholders and that an agreed set of rules and guidelines is in place before implementation. Obviously, you will need to ensure that your new policy is communicated clearly to all staff, and that any necessary training is carried out before BYOD is introduced.

3. Pair policy with explanation

Whilst it is important that your staff understand what they are allowed to do and what’s not permitted, it’s equally important that they understand why. You need to explain the bigger picture and explain how individual behaviour can impact adversely on the company’s security efforts to the detriment of all concerned.

Security problems usually arise when employees are either unaware of policy or just don’t understand the consequences of flouting the rules.

4. Choose open-architecture apps over closed-source solutions

Apps are meant to make things run more smoothly for businesses but some closed-source solutions can make integration difficult and compromise efficiency rather than being of benefit to it. All-inclusive offerings on the other hand provide a single solution which can reduce support requirements and excessive maintenance work. Always choose apps with an open architecture that will happily integrate with other synergistic apps.

5. Take to the Cloud

Cloud-based apps are usually much more efficient and effective in that they offer better functionality, greater speed and better performance than on-site solutions. With the added financial benefit that upgrades and fixes are usually included free of charge, the Cloud is proving a very popular choice for corporate organisations.

6. Grow with the company

Technology has never moved forward so fast. It’s essential that companies keep track of new apps and products that are appearing on the market and delegate someone to carry out ongoing evaluation to make sure that company policies remain up to date.

In conclusion

BYOD is certainly here to stay and it has many advantages for the savvy business owner. Do your research, put the necessary policies in place, communicate them well to your staff and enjoy the many benefits of this emerging new phenomenon.

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