How To Hire A Great Social Media Manager

Tips For Hiring A Good Social Media Manager

Every organizations worth its salt has a social media presence these days. Whether you’re there or not, it’s a fact that the public will be talking about your products or services and it’s vital that you know what’s being said in order to properly target your customer service, marketing campaigns and improvements to the service you provide. What’s even more important is being involved in the online discussion.

Social media provides a wonderful opportunity for businesses to open up a line of communication directly to their clients and prospects through which issues can be discussed and resolved and information given about new products or exciting news. Social media also provides a great opportunity to build brand loyalty and customer relationships.

Building an effective social media presence takes time, skill and a not inconsiderate amount of public relations prowess, and not all business owners have what it takes to do this. Luckily, there are social media managers out there to step into the breach. A good social media manager will become the interface between the organisation and the public. He or she will take responsibility for the company’s online presence from drafting Facebook posts and Tweets to responding to customer enquiries and comments made on social media platforms. It’s a very important role that could easily make or break a business. Here are some tips to help you get the very best person for the job.

5 Tips For Hiring A Good Social Media Manager

Writing skills

Even though your social media manager will only be writing brief pieces of text, they still need to be the very best writer you can get. Writing for social media requires a completely different skillset from writing press releases and website content. The strategy will vary and acronyms are acceptable although there must still be a good level of quality to the writing.

A good exercise for candidates is to ask them to write various versions of a headline for a story. This will enable you to assess their style, their ability to be concise, direct and engaging, and to get an idea of their creative ability and flair.

An analytical mind

If your social media manager is to have impact, they must be prepared to work with you toward your company’s goals. They should be able to analyse data and understand your marketing principals and goals in order to make recommendations based on their analysis and metrics.

Ask for examples of social media analyses they have carried out in the past or ask them to look over your base analytics data and discuss with you what they observe from this. This will give you a good idea of what their capabilities are.

Experience with the major social media networks

At the very least, your social media manager should have a solid presence on the big three social media platforms – Facebook, Google+ and Twitter; if they work well on Pinterest, SlideShare and Instagram, so much the better.

Make sure they have established and developed social media accounts and networks

A well-established presence on social media is an absolute must for any prospective social media manager. Period.

Adaptable and quick to learn

The landscape of social media is evolving and changing at an astounding pace. A few years ago, Google+ was unheard of yet now it’s a staple on the social media platform. Your social media manager must be able to adapt quickly to changes and new developments and stay ahead of the game with an eye on what might be coming next.

In conclusion

The role of the social media manager within an organisation is without doubt a key one and is only likely to grow in importance as the digital age continues to advance apace. Get yourself a good one and watch your business go from strength to strength.

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