How Committed Are You to the Cloud?


Cloud-based services are becoming more and more relevant in the modern world, but some companies are still reluctant to truly commit to this new technology in spite of the benefits it brings. A recent update to the Cloud Price Index by 451 Research has revealed that the price of cloud-based systems is dropping significantly as time goes by, making the proposition of switching to the cloud more attractive than ever. If you are prepared to finally make the switch and transfer your data to a safer and more reliable storage system, you could save a lot of money in the long-term.

The index proved that renting cloud services from one of the popular providers on the web was much more expensive than simply purchasing cloud-based resources for yourself. The prices with web providers have dropped by just 2% since last year while customers can enjoy an astonishing 44% discount by being more aggressive in their negotiations and only paying for the resources they require. The price of cloud-based services is a hot topic at the moment; people continue to complain about the costs, but 451 Research has shown that prices are generally decreasing. Two percent is not a huge drop, but it’s still better than a price boost.

The index shows that people who don’t truly to commit to the cloud and simply pay a provider fee without really researching the matter are essentially losing a lot of money. If you take the time to commit, do your research and negotiate with providers, you can save large fractions of your funds. The index also revealed that people who purchase long-term plans will save money too, as providers will often offer discounts and promotions if you pledge to use their services for longer periods of time.

Why Is This?

Well, looking at it from the provider’s point of view; if a customer is willing to pledge their loyalty over a long period of time in an increasingly competitive industry, it makes sense to offer them some sort of incentive. The funds earned will certainly a good profit for the provider while the promise of a long-term contract also allows them to make future plans and more efficiently organize their own systems and finances. The whole idea is a win-win situation for both customer and provider, so it’s important for more people to be aware of this and take advantage of commitment to the cloud.

Too many companies are ignoring the financial benefits they stand to gain by investing in long-term cloud-based plans and simply Hate the Cloud. If you’re prepared to make use of the cloud, then you need to do it in the right way that makes the most sense for the well-being of your business. By half-heartedly committing to this service, you won’t be getting the most out of it. So it’s time to question your own commitment to the cloud and take advantage of these huge discounts as soon as possible.

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