Highly Recommended Security and Privacy Extensions (Firefox & Chrome)

Recommended Security and Privacy Extensions

Knowing about the best protection for your computer is critical if you're connected to the internet. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the safest internet browsers. Most people use one or the other as their default browser, which helps to provide them with superior privacy and protection extensions.

8 Extensions To Effectively Increase Computer’s Privacy And Protection

For Google Chrome

1. Web of Trust (WOT)

Web of Trust is one of the best extensions to protect you from malware and scammers. The internet is a jungle and you definitely need something like this to help you avoid viruses and a lot of spam.

2. View Thru

This is an active extension which is capable of detecting harmful websites for your device. Whenever you are about to click a shortened URL you're unsure of, or check out an enticing advertisement, View Thru can prompt and save you from going to dangerous websites.

3. AdBlock

AdBlock can be very useful. Most especially, if you have a child who uses your computer. Sometimes, there are unwanted advertisements which pop up on your computer, which can adversely effect your child. AdBlock filters and prevents you from downloading malware and viruses. I am highly recommending this extension, because it has helped me in so many ways.

4. PasswordFail

You should definitely download PasswordFail. A year ago, I was about to enter and log into an unfamiliar website. This website was asking me if I wanted to log in or log out. Strange options can confuse us and leave us vulnerable to online errors. Suspicious websites can be very tricky, and if you fall for their tricks, your private accounts could be in jeopardy. Because I downloaded PasswordFail, everything is filtered for me. I do not have to worry about suspicious and harmful websites the way I did before. PasswordFail warns you before taking any actions. You're still in control of your online experience with PasswordFail, but now you have an ally.

For Mozilla Firefox

Since 2015 began, Mozilla Firefox added a lot of new features. It became faster and easier to use.

5. HideBad

Hidebad is a very aggressive extension. It has the capability of automatically shutting down a harmful tab within your browser. It can also block snooping hackers from checking out which websites you usually visit.

6. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is practically the same as Chrome's AdBlock extension. It prevents you from loading too many advertisements, which slow your computer. It also puts a stop to tracking cookies which can muck up your system.

7. BetterPrivacy

BetterPrivacy on Firefox can sweep away any tracking cookies that enter via particular websites. More specifically, BetterPrivacy can remove local shared objects, which are left behind by websites, videos, and flash applications.

8. SpamAvert

SpamAvert helps you get rid of hackers, spammers, and scammers. This extension can alert and warn you about harmful and potentially dangerous websites. Since I have been using it, and I have never been so happy with my internet usage.

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