HideAway Takes VPN by Storm

HideAway Takes VPN by Storm

A new piece of VPN software called HideAway is taking the computing world by storm thanks to its effective innovations and features, offering much more to the user than traditional VPN packages. The software has been developed by Firetrust, a leading presence in the field of computer security software, and allows users to gain access to content that would normally be blocked for specific regions. HideAway is Firestrust’s attempt at reinventing traditional VPN software, offering a greater level of control and an extended set of features to the typical user.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is used to make it seem as though your computer is in a completely different location or country. People normally make use of a VPN when they need to access geo-blocked content, like videos or music clips that are only available in certain countries, or for security and anonymity while browsing online. The benefits of using a VPN are therefore numerous and varied, but Firetrust claims that HideAway easily outperforms rival VPN services by offering many more features.

To begin with, HideAway is always turned on, unlike a regular VPN. This means that users can save time by using this software as they have no need to connect and disconnect to their VPN repeatedly to access different forms of content on the internet. To boost speeds even further, HideAway has dedicated servers all across the globe, allowing users to access content much more quickly than with another form of VPN software. There are also no data limits when using HideAway, so you can watch, listen and access as much content as you want, whenever you want.

Another unique feature of HideAway that has contributed to its recent success is its flexibility; the software is actually capable of allowing you to connect to various apps and webpages simultaneously but from different countries. For instance, you could access a video from France in one page, and then have an app open connected from the United Kingdom at the same time. Other VPNs only allow users to appear from one country at a time, but HideAway lets you run as many applications and pages as you like, all from different places at the same time.

To make things even simpler for the user and make the whole VPN process even faster, HideAway also allows you to set up your own personalized rules for the software. For instance, you can set it to always access a service like Netflix from the USA or make sure that, whenever you connect to Google, you’ll be appearing from Germany. This way, you won’t have to go through individual checks and setup procedures every time you want to use a VPN.

Overall, this new software package is clearly taking the VPN world by storm thanks to its flexibility and ease of use. The new features offered by HideAway make the process of using a VPN much simpler than ever before and could usher in an age of much more effective and rapid VPN models.

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